SHIB team introduces Shibdentity, a new era of Web3 digital identity

The Shib team has announced that it is soon bringing Shibdentity to mark the future of digital identity in the Web3 sphere. This has hinted that the 2024 year could be dedicated to Shiba Inu. This announcement comes after users have relied on their Web3 wallet addresses to verify their identification on the Internet. With Shibdentity in the picture, the game changes not just in the Shib ecosystem but also in regions beyond its boundaries.

Shibdentity has been crafted in association with D3inc. Both have defined the product as not just a feature but rather something with which users will identify in the digital world. It will help to seamlessly send tokens to other users and receive the same from them.

Shibdentity will be like Shib Name to take users a step closer to experiencing the interconnected world. One way to better understand Shibdentity is by comparing it with one’s username on X. Users choose a username while creating an account on X, and the same username helps other X users find them, follow them, and interact with them by way of leaving comments or resharing their posts. Shibdentity, by way of Shib Name, will help others in Web3 find them and exchange tokens conveniently.

It is poised to offer a secure and unified way to maintain one’s digital presence. D3inc brings the crucial element of domain infrastructure to the table in this partnership. Hence, shaping the future of online identity. Shibdentity and D3inc are working to change Shiba Names from being just a concept to becoming a global phenomenon. They have all the futuristic intentions of interesting Shibdentity with other platforms or making it a natural part of the lives of users.

They have confirmed that Shibdentity, as of the time of the official announcement, is in the last stage of its development. It is being fine-tuned to be more user-friendly and intuitive. Assuming it works well, users will be able to send tokens just like they send an email—easily and without any hassle.

The vision that the Shib team and D3inc are chasing is to make Shibdentity a universal key to help open doors across Web3 for users. Their priority is to future-proof the identity while maintaining security and relevance with the developments that keep happening in Web3.

The introduction of Shibdentity and Shib Names has, so far, done little benefit to its native token, SHIB. It was last seen exchanging hands at $0.00000885, with a drop of 0.69% in the last 24 hours. Making things worse is the fact that it reflects a slip of 7.29% in the last 7 days. Market Cap and 24-hour volume are down by 0.65% and 33.71%, respectively.


Shibdentity sounds enticing for all the right reasons, and the community has a lot more to look forward to. However, it could all come down to how SHIB reacts to these developments and what levels of returns it fetches from holders.

Trevor Holman

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