Shiba Inu testnet surpasses 30M transactions while DigiToads presale demand breaks ATH

Shiba Inu’s test network has surpassed a milestone, making it a go-to network for developers. The success is due to the platform’s ambition to streamline its services to a utility-based system like many secondary crypto products. Shiba Inu calls the network Puppynet, which intends to be a cornerstone as the project grows.

In other crypto news, DigiToads has surpassed a milestone in its ongoing presale. In the decade the crypto industry has existed, a few projects have crossed the $6.5 million mark in a matter of four short months. The project, poised for official launch soon, runs an ERC-20 token that promises fun and passive income.

DigiToads presale a record-shattering moment in the crypto space

The crypto space has seen diverse record-shattering moments, one being Bitcoin’s momentum rise to break the $60K mark in late 2021. DigiToads also set records, giving the crypto space something to talk about for a while. The project has exceeded expectations in its presale and is one of the very few to do so in a matter of months. 

The run to $6.5 million in presale earnings has to do with the dual-faceted nature of the project. It runs a meme coin alongside a utility basis, which makes it a hook for many investors looking for something to stay in their portfolios for a long time.

TOADS, the native token of the projects, went for about $0.01 on presale launch weeks ago. As time went by, several stages of the project saw the token jump by 400%. Ultimately, stage ten will see the figure jump by 30%. At the end of the presale on 15th August, the token will be up 450%.

The project runs an immersive metaverse to align it with the next technology currently cooking. Web3, an extraordinary technology, is an online front that will make the internet fun and interesting. Including the technology in its ecosystem tells a lot about the DigiToads project, which is set on sustainability, fun, and entertainment. 

Different arenas in the DigiToads ecosystem make up the metaverse; one of the most notable ones is the swamp arena that hosts gaming activities.

While interactive, gaming promises more than entertainment. It gives participants a real chance for passive income whenever they top the leaderboards. The arena is also a place for education, allowing game lovers to learn how the metaverse works and the financial transactions that make the project a reality.

The cornerstone of the project is the people invested in it, called the DigiToads community. Their interactions and financial instruments keep the ecosystem running. DigiToads gives back to them via various financial pools in existence. 

Liquidity pools offer the project a democratic stance, allowing people in and out when they desire. In addition, large investors make up the DAO, pushing the project in a direction that favors their investment, guaranteeing better returns for what they have put in. 


Shiba Inu’s Puppynet showing early success

The SHIB network has been a buzz in the week. The budding project has managed over 30 million transactions, putting it on the map as a desirable network to complete transactions. Puppynet has managed to close the transactions from about 17 million crypto wallets, making it steady and ready for launch in a matter of weeks.

Puppynet is a long way off from being an independent system on its own. In the short term, it will be a test net to replicate the workings of a separate crypto main chain. It is a gold mine for developers, helping them debug and scale up speeds for the main chains that do all the work.

Closing note

Shiba Inu’s test net has hit a milestone by completing 30 million transactions. The test net aligns with DigiToads impressive presale. DigiToads has made a record, quickly hitting the elusive $6 million in a matter of months. It is a project worth considering for investors. 

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