Shiba Inu drops first official update after Shibarium’s launch

The Shibarium mainnet launch was wildly successful, so much so that even Shiba Inu could not handle it. That is why Shiba Inu had to address the extreme traffic on the network by updating users on the situation. The first official update stated the Shibarium got millions of computing units of traffic within the first seconds of the launch.

The traffic was so massive in volume that Shiba Inu had to investigate the origin of the traffic. The network found that one single block had thousands of normal transactions and contract creation. Due to this, Shibarium went into failsafe mode to ensure the safety of the funds.

The Ethereum L2 solution by Shiba Inu was much anticipated for quite a long time. However, nobody could have expected that the mainnet launch of Shibarium would accompany 21 million wallets. With a Proof-of-Participation consensus mechanism, Shiba Inu is eliminating the deployment of PoW (Proof-of-Work) altogether.

However, this unique value proposition was one of the reasons why Shibarium encountered the troubling issue at its launch. But now that the network understands the issue, it is calling in support from other networks.

Similarly, the Unification team has joined hands with the Shibarium devs to scale the blockchain network. Multiple possible plans have been formulated, and Shibarium will keep users posted on its website and social media channels.

The latest update was also shared on the website by one of the developers. The post also addressed the fake screenshot circulating around the web that even some news outlets posted. The developer urged users not to trust any news shared outside the official channels. 

This is especially true since even large media outlets were found quoting social media comments instead of sharing official updates with users. According to Shibarium, the network has chosen to secure the 2 million dollars in case the blockchain faces an issue after the restart. 

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