Shiba Inu gears up for Shibarium mainnet release

Shibarium, the layer-2 scaling solution, is nearing the mainnet launch. While the official word is not out yet, reports are claiming that the launch is tentatively scheduled for August 2023. Making this claim strong is the announcement wherein Shiba Inu has called the coming time Summer of Shibarium.

As the mainnet launch draws closer, anticipations are constantly increasing, and Shiba Inu is leaving no stone unturned to tease the community. It recently announced that a number of releases have been planned following the launch of Shibarium. Again, details of the releases are being held private. Nevertheless, the team of developers has assured that the latest releases will consist of a number of projects and updates.

August poses as a perfect time to launch Shibarium as that is when the team will be in Toronto attending Blockchain Futurist Conference.

Get your swimsuits ready, exclaimed Shiba Inu, adding that the summer of Shibarium has arrived. Notably, the team recently rebranded the token website with the core objective of making way for more projects and ecosystem partners.

Launching Shibarium aligns with the objective of serving the community well with two main objectives. These are reduced transaction fees and enhanced scalability. The community, also referred to as ShibArmy, has reacted positively to the teaser. Most of them have welcomed the move under the speculation that August could be the month for the launch. Others have sought more strategic partnerships to take the trading value of SHIB beyond the $1 mark.

SHIB is currently exchanging hands at $0.000007826. This is a much broader gap than one wants. Strategic partnerships could help. Until then, ShibArmy is confident that the launch of Shibarium and the subsequent developments will help the SHIB token experience skyrocket its price as per Shiba Inu prediction.

Shibarium is functioning in the beta version. The reason why the development team is optimistic about its launch is that the scalable solution has recorded over 30 million transactions and 17 million addresses. Dubbed Puppynet, the beta version of the blockchain, is helping them gain significant traction.

Considering its operations in the last 2 weeks, Puppynet has surged by 17% to reach the said milestone. The network has started handling 30.24 million transactions, an increase of 17% in comparison to the number made public on June 30, 2023. The block time for Puppynet stands at 5 seconds, reflecting its speed and efficiency in processing transactions.

The beta version of Shibarium was on the downside until Shytoshi Kusama came out to announce the mainnet launch. That is precisely when the community, or ShibArmy, took cognizance of the beta version and began flooding the network for a test run.

If Shibarium is indeed launched during the Blockchain Futurist Conference, then the date would be either August 15, 2023, or August 16, 2023, as that is when the event is scheduled to happen.

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