Global sensation BlockDAG rumored to be led by major tech CEO; gives Shiba Inu and Retik Finance tough competition

Amidst the usual flurry of speculations surrounding the crypto market, one particularly noteworthy narrative is a rumor of a major Tech CEO behind BlockDAG. This new presale project pulled an astounding $1M within the first 24 hours of its first presale batch, which has already been surpassed by this time. Meanwhile, Shiba Inu millionaires set their sights on RETIK Finance, sensing the potential for another astronomical rise. 

Shiba Inu millionaires eye Retik Finance 

Shiba Inu has made its early investors millionaires. Recently, two prominent Shiba Inu millionaires set their sights on the next crypto gem, a promising token they believe will be one of the top altcoins in 2024, potentially replicating the astronomical gains of Shiba Inu. This token is RETIK by Retik Finance, a new DeFi project aiming to bridge the gap between conventional finance and the DeFi sector. 

The appeal of Retik Finance to these Shiba Inu millionaires hinges on its ROI potential, with the token selling for $0.03 in stage 1 of its presale and the listing price set at $0.15. Furthermore, analysts issue bullish long-term predictions for RETIK, projecting the token to skyrocket to $10 in 2024—an astonishing increase of 9000% from its current value.

BlockDAG Token

BlockDAG – The presale you can’t miss

A new groundbreaking PoW project, BlockDAG, is sending shockwaves through the crypto community with its explosive presale, raking in $1 million within just 24 hrs of its 1st presale batch, a number already exceeded at the time of writing. The speed with which BlockDAG moved on to the second batch underscores early investors’ overwhelming confidence in the project. What’s more, BlockDAG is set to unveil its mainnet within just six months, an ambitious timeline considering the scope of the endeavor.

BlockDAG emerges as a global leader in Layer 1 Blockchain technology. The project aims to tackle one of the key challenges with Blockchain technology – that of decentralization – while ensuring uncompromisable security, enhancing accessibility to crypto mining, and maximizing scalability. The BlockDAG network enables an efficient mining process made possible through the next-generation confirmation mechanism, enabling the validation of transactions at a rate of 10 blocks per second.

BlockDAG Network

During the first batch, the token traded at $0.001. Currently, in the second batch, it is selling for $0.0015. The BDAG price is set to rise with subsequent presale batches, with a total of 45, and reach $0.05 by the final batch. Based on this, investors who enter at the current price are expected to benefit from an approximately 3233% ROI.

BlockDAG is hosting a generous giveaway worth $2M, where they’ll be awarding substantial cash prizes to 50 lucky community members selected at random! To join in, ensure you’re following BlockDAG’s social media channels, submit your wallet address, boost your odds by completing all hunts, and invite friends for extra chances to win!

Final words

In this article, we’ve looked at two groundbreaking presale cryptos that stand poised to join the ranks of top altcoins in 2024, namely BlockDAG (BDAG) and Retik Finance (RETIK). BlockDAG raised $1M in the first 24 hours of its presale and is rumored to have a major Tech CEO behind the project. Retik Finance has captured the interest of two Shiba Inu millionaires, who foresee its potential to echo the meteoric ascent of Shiba Inu.

Join the presale now before it ends and enjoy the maximized returns on your investments.





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