Shiba Inu Projection – Can ChatGPT or Bard Predict it right?

Prices of Shiba Inu are fluctuating but that is just a part of every digital token’s life. Making things interesting for this very specific meme coin is a bunch of whales going on a spree to invest a big amount in its ecosystem. It could very well be the outcome of the price being on the lower side.

CryptoNewsZ turns to the expertise and capabilities of ChatGPT and Bard to offer an in-depth and well-researched Shiba Inu prediction for the year 2023, providing readers with valuable insights into the potential of AI chatbots in predicting the future of cryptocurrencies. Read out to check how these chatbots responded: 

ChatGPT’s Prediction on Shiba Inu

ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot, is now gaining traction among users for all its abilities to answer users’ queries about various domains. 

CryptoNewsZ took a shot and asked ChatGPT to share its predictions for Shiba Inu. 

ChatGPT answers “I can’t predict the future,” plays safe, fails miserably in making finance or crypto-related predictions by simply mentioning the price volatility and the factors contributing to such flickering nature of cryptocurrency market. It also requests users to research well before investing in the crypto market, considering its high risks.

Generic, one might say, especially considering that ChatGPT did not even consider providing an overview. A word based on market trends and historical data would have to suffice the purpose. Nonetheless, the attempt looks to be on the safer side by explaining to the user that predicting the future price of Shiba Inu is risky since the crypto market is highly volatile.

Also, it has been able to acknowledge that factors include regulatory changes, sentiments of investors, and technological development. Definitely a strong overview but the goal is still to know about the future of Shiba Inu token price.

Bard’s Prediction on Shiba Inu

Enter Google’s Bard and there is a clear distinction between what the AI can actually do if it is developed properly. Bard is similar to ChatGPT except it has been trained on the data that is available on the internet. Users only have to enter the topic and it displays all the necessary information in front of them.

There is an argument about using Google’s search engine instead. It makes sense; however, Bard rolls out pre-written content that one can use anywhere they want. If Google’s search engine displays a list of sources, then Bard directly shows the content without having to go through different websites.

CryptoNewsZ asked Bard the same question about the Shiba Inu token and this is where the response stands:

Bard mentions the factors, such as, the performance of the crypto market, new updates from Shiba Inu team, and hype surrounding the token, may influence Shiba Inu’s performance in the future.

Based on these factors, here are some Shiba Inu price predictions for 2023-2026 provided by Bard:

  • 2023: go up to $0.0000259
  • 2024: go up to $0.0000360
  • 2025: go up to $0.0000465
  • 2026: go up to $0.0000621

Just like ChatGPT and to be safer, Bard also suggests users to do thorough research considering the crypto market volatility. The chatbot also gives a disclaimer about the risks associated with investment in the cryptocurrency world. 

Bard does an exceptional job by bringing out the combination of the desired result and a disclaimer to alert the reader about the risks involved. Unique features that help Bard improve its mechanism are the availability of the option to like, dislike, and search on Google directly. Bard, utilizing the power of Google’s search engine, efficiently summarizes the information found in the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, it relies solely on existing data and lacks the ability to independently analyze the information and generate its own predictions.

Comparison And Analysis

It goes without saying that ChatGPT and Bard have provided very different viewpoints on the topic. ChatGPT has focused on playing it safe. Bard, on the other hand, has played it safe while also providing the necessary information. Bard simply outperforms, courtesy of Google’s experience in delivering results to its users.

Bots have been on the ground to serve crypto-related information for a long time now. For instance, 3Commas, Pionex, and CryptoHopper, are all automatic crypto trading bots that are backed by artificial intelligence purely to serve the advantages of the users. The goal is to eliminate the manual work and make it convenient for users to get all the pieces of information they want on trading cryptocurrencies.

Using AI, such as chatbots and crypto trading bots, to take a call on crypto trading is risky. This is evident from the statements by Bard and ChatGPT where they have stated that the market is volatile and research should be carried out before investing. AI chatbots exhibit unpredictable behavior and may pose risks to your investment strategies. It is advisable to consider expert sources for accurate price prediction of Shiba Inu and insights, ensuring a more informed approach to your investments.

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ChatGPT has highlighted that the price of Shiba Inu is subject to market volatility and other factors including, but not limited to, technological developments, demand, and regulations. Bard has been able to fetch that the price could be somewhere below the mark of $0.0000259. Free AI tools are still in the early stages of development and are not yet capable of effectively answering complex forecasting queries. They require the expertise of human intelligence to analyze and interpret such intricate forecasts.

Currently trading at $0.000007, experts believe that the token could dance somewhere in the middle of $0.000091 and $0.00000220.

It is not recommended to rely solely on an AI platform for the purpose of crypto investments, or any other type of investments for that matter. Consult experts, read data, and take a call per the risk management strategy.

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