Shibarium: Ambitious vision for mass adoption

Shiba Inu recently talked about its plans for mass adoption. The venture released a thread of tweets to discuss the possibilities.

The tweets read that Shiba Inu aims to launch several new solutions and products in the coming years. The launch of the Shibarium mainnet was the start of these releases. The L2 chain developed on the Polygon technology stack will be the core of the coming updates.

With Shibarium, community members can develop and own their solutions. In addition, the network simplifies development with cheaper gas fees. Lucie, the marketing specialist at Shiba Inu, also shared more information about the network’s upcoming plans.

Shiba Inu aims to scale decentralized solutions to empower individuals. It allows them to moderate their identities and digital assets with unwavering control. Moreover, the users can experience security and transparency throughout the process.

The network will build upon the success of previous blockchains to enhance the utility and value of tokens. Shiba Inu’s reach will spread across NFTs, exchanges, and its dedicated platform, ShibaSwap.

The SHIB token has been gaining more prominence ever since the launch of Shibarium. The network’s most recent tweets have once again generated interest in Shiba Inu coin’s future

The network is leveraging this popularity by allowing users to dig, swap, and stake BONE by offering liquidity. Its vision is to create an ecosystem where SHIB holders can collaborate freely with other token holders.

To facilitate the same, Shiba Inu is enabling 100% decentralization on the BONE smart contract. ShibaSwap is also working hard to migrate the platform to Shibarium. The integration will help the new platform access cheap gas fees and an elevated UI/UX experience. 


In other news, Manny Pacquiao’s charitable foundation announced the use of the Shibarium blockchain for fundraising and operational activities. The news has also helped Shibarium make giant strides with new users.

Trevor Holman

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