Shibarium Layer-2 RPC node breaks barriers for builders

Shibairum, a layer-2 blockchain solution, has surpassed expectations with its RPC node. At the time of drafting this article, Shibarium had registered over 200k daily transfers, housed more than 2 million crypto wallets, and entered RPC Node by NOWNodes.

It largely benefits builders who are looking to deploy their projects on the scaling solution. The RPC node enables them to execute the deployment from anywhere, irrespective of their region. NOWNodes has issued guidelines for builders to understand how they can deploy their projects after integrating the solution.

Before that, it is interesting to note that Total Value Locked has slipped to $567,809, even though the figure was well above the $1 million mark by the last days of August 2023. Specifically speaking, TVL by August 31, 2023, was at $1.44 million. This development, or any other development for that matter, is imperative to the community as it helps the Shiba Inu community take forward the use cases of the memecoin.

Builders can connect to Shibarium via NOWNodes if they have a valid email address. The mainnet will subsequently be simpler to integrate with their respective cryptocurrency initiatives. After acquiring an API key, they will have access to exchanges, swaps, and NFT marketplaces, to name a few aspects. Shibarium has the potential to host all of them.

The next step is to head over to the documentation, where they can establish the connection via the endpoints of the RPC. Once established, developers can start contributing to the ecosystem to better shape the future of blockchain technology.

Three features that help Shibarium RPC ride high in the market are:

  • Four protection layers with deployed backup
  • Shared access for every user
  • No rate limit

These elements are working to resolve the issues that earlier prevailed in Ethereum. The issues, according to NOWNodes, include slow processing times and high transaction fees. NOWNodes is confident in its ability to become a key blockchain adoption catalyst despite Ethereum’s inherent challenges, which it calls “intrinsic.”

As it gains momentum in the market, the developers of SHIB have issued a precautionary note to others. It asks them to be careful of scams as the transactions inch closer to 2 million. This comes to light as there has been an increase in the number of phishing attacks targeting the crypto community. Most of them used the brand and symbol of Shiba Inu to trap unsuspected users and steal their funds.

The Discord community admin has even accused the members of the PawSwap community of coordinating an attack against Shibarium. Members allegedly infiltrated the Shiba Inu community to engage in phishing scams on the mainnet actively.

The Shiba Inu community will actually have to look into it. It really aims to become a self-sufficient, decentralized financial system. Until then, builders can explore Shibarium by integrating its L2 RPC node.

Roxanne Williams

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