Shibarium marks the year 2022 as a year of knowledge & innovation

The year 2022 happened to have been a year of closely learning and understanding what and just how to go about making the entity undertake changes in its overall functioning, as well as making it effective and significant in terms of the common ecosystem. Along with that was the absolute necessity of being able to identify new and capable team members. The present Team at Shibarium has indeed been instrumental in running the operations as a decentralized unit, with the Discord channel being above the mark, along with swap being totally functional. The people also seem to be in a secure environment. 

In the case of the Breeds that had been constituted, with the movement in time, it became clear that the Team was more capable than one could have fathomed, and therefore was granted another portfolio and correctly nicknamed the Real Team. The expectations are that they will continue to be actively involved in the development of the Shibarium projects.

At that point in time, it happened to have been the core team that took on board an A-level studio in order to produce a decentralized Shiba game for the sake of Shiboshi without having a clue about the kind of input that would be required. Upon understanding the cost, along with everything else that would be necessary, the project was looked upon, not with much favor. The aim initially was the production of a game that could be utilized by the Shiboshu community and reward players. However, with the help of a healthy IP, a significant card deck, and fun gameplay, the project presently happens to be bearing fruit. It is expected that with its blockchain deliverance, the community will be able to witness lesser costing. 

Another question that arose was if Shibarium could be operated in physical and digital locations. From here stemmed the idea of Welly. This happened to have been a business that was ever-growing. The Team was effective, but for reasons unknown, things began to fall apart as the new Team felt threatened by the breeds. However, through a lot of study and learning, a new breath of life was able to be infused in the IRL for Shibarium. 

Where Shiba Fashion was concerned, it was the Welly team that brought in John Richmond and a plan for a great fashion show, along with an NFT drop, supermodels, and other related aspects. This, too, went way above the financial expectations, and things once again fell apart. However, now with fresh negotiations, doors are opening for Shibarium to fit itself into a new position on the blockchain, that of fashion.  

Considering all of these facts, it is easy to understand how and why Shibarium did not attain the kind of success that was expected. Now however, with a better understanding and analysis of the decisions that were taken and at times not in total favor of the entity, the time now is to go into rectification mode and think of ways to create the necessary changes in Shibarium and gather a whole fresh team. This is what the need of the hour says.  

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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