Shibarium’s Marketplace kicks off ‘Easter Egg Event’: A landmark move to captivate NFT collectors

Shibarium’s prominent Marketplace, Mantra Protocol, has announced its latest activity, the ‘Easter Egg’ event. This move has created ripples in the Shib ecosystem and wider crypto landscape. It will instill freshness in the crypto ecosystem that will ultimately lead to elevating user engagement. 

Mantra Protocol is transforming the NFT scene with this event, and it paves the way towards offering NFTs for just 1 Damn token, the new meme coin on Shibarium. The objective of this move is to boost engagement with Mantra, DAMN, and different NFT collections within the Shibarium ecosystem.

Mortinp, the pseudonymous co-founder of Mantra Protocol, said in an exclusive interview with a leading media outlet that they integrated $DAMN into their Marketplace by whitelisting it as an accepted currency. According to him, the ‘Easter Egg’ activity rose to prominence as an innovative strategy to engage and integrate $DAMN holders into the Shibarium ecosystem. He also said that the team will also drop NFTs worth 1 $DAMN in Shibarium NFT collections on Mantra.

These collections, a surprising set of nonfungible tokens from various projects on Shiba Inu’s L2 blockchain, are a priceless treasure trove for crypto enthusiasts. According to media reports, Shibarium will list NFTs from Mantra’s collection apart from ShibaPunkz, Shibulls, Sleepy Shibs, and Shiba Apes. It is to be mentioned that Mantra is the first Marketplace to exist on Shibarium, and Mantra has been on the layer 2 network since its official launch. The first Marketplace on Shibarium with a total volume of over 650000 $BONE across all collections. The co-founder of Mantra Protocol is aware that the possibilities of Mantra are boundless.

Shibarium has been identified as a strategic pathway to encourage $DAMN holders into the ecosystem of Shibarium. The grand success of Shibarium illustrates that NFT is an enticing gateway and that the Mantra Protocol plays a crucial role in increased participation and the cultivation of a more dedicated community. The ‘Easter Egg Event’ will surely boost optimism within the crypto enthusiast community. Shiba Inu’s price has skyrocketed recently thanks to the ‘Easter Egg Event,’ which has produced remarkable breakthroughs in its cryptographic initiatives. Its breakthroughs have generated a ripple influence in cryptocurrency, and the ‘Easter Egg Event’ will rejuvenate the token’s ecosystem.

The positive developments were reflected in SHIB’s token cost, and the memecoin market has seen a surge. Shiba Inu is consistently praised for impressive achievements, and its growth amidst the fluctuating market conditions showcases the real potential of Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu has been positioned as a strong force in the crypto market, and the current developments will boost its buying interest.

Shiba Inu has exceeded the expectations of crypto enthusiasts as a meme coin, and it has redefined success in the cryptocurrency landscape. Shibarium is unquestioningly a community-driven crypto ecosystem. Shiba Inu is a platform that offers seamless transfer of tokens between Ethereum and Shibarium blockchains. A genuinely decentralized L2 network like the Shibarium Network has become an absolute essentiality today.

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