ShoeFy Secures $1.75m in Seed & Private Round 1

The NFT platform, ShoeFy, has succeeded in raising $1.75 million in the first round of seed and private sales conducted by Oddinyana Ventures. The top investors who took part in round 1 of seed and private sale include BMW Capital, ChinaPolka, Ex Network Capital, DuckDao, Ragnar Digital Investment, Cantena Ventures, and more. The second round of the seed and private sale is going on at present and it will be wrapped up by September. Venture capitalists who seek to invest in ShoeFy can do so right away by reaching out to the platform at [email protected].

It is the sole focus of Oddinyana Ventures to focus on the development of startups in the DeFi space. It consists of budding DeFi projects in the metaverse renowned for their incorporation of web3 apps and NFTs. With the help of the funds raised in sale round 1 of seed and private sale, ShoeFy will be able to redefine the NFTs and adopt powerful DeFi tools that can work in combination with NFTs. 

According to Dorji Rabten, the managing partner and founder of Oddiyana Ventures, it shall build the universe for Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, and the gaming world for the synergy and addition of new values to ShoeFy. The NFTs of the ShoeFy platform are powered by Fungible Tokens. ShoeFy provides investors with five unique ways to earn a passive income from the platform, as listed below:

  • Staking sNFTs in the sNFT pool to earn $SHOE.
  • Staking $SHOE in $SHOE pool for raking in $SHOE earnings
  • Staking $SHOE in the NFT Farm of the platform to earn sNFT
  • Staking sLP tokens obtained from sNFT pairs for $SHOE earnings
  • Staking LP tokens against Option to Buy bNFT LP

ShoeFy is soon going to make its debut as a platform of Enhanced NFT Liquidity that will enable illiquid markets to attain liquidity with the rising popularity of NFTs. The platform is currently looking forward to minting the unique collection of sNFT at ShoeFy. The all-new Elemental Collection to be launched on ShoeFy is invested with the power to drive the blockchain network of the platform.

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