Shytoshi Kusama shares scaling update for Shibarium

Shibarium is live, said Shytoshi Kusama in a blog post. The community has started embracing the native blockchain already. There is a little question, though, about how far it will scale in the time to come. Shytoshi Kusama did not waste a second to address this aspect. They have gone on to inform us that Shibarium has achieved the desired success and is ready for prime time.

Per the announcement, Shibarium has been able to accumulate more than 65,000 wallets to support 350,000+ transactions on the network. Tokens deployed on the network vary in type and brand. Some of them are fun, and some of them attract controversies pertaining to their offensive stature. Nevertheless, Kusama has said that all tokens have been registered to be safe and transactions bound by the necessary code of conduct.

Users are still recommended to do their own research before pocketing any pocket in their digital portfolio. Shibarium will now open its channels for developers, enabling them to build during the prevailing bearish sentiments so that they make profits when the bullish market makes a comeback.

Shytoshi Kusama has acknowledged the efforts and help that were invested by the team Polygon. They have thanked Sandeep for helping them with resources to drive the necessary outcome in their favor. Shytoshi Kusama also highlights that this was the precise reason why they needed to collaborate with Polygon.

Other members who formed a part of this thank you note are OxKrishna, JD, Paul from Unification, Vijay, Navdeep, Robil, and the entire Shibarium decentralized team.

Having said that, the price of MATIC has taken an upward hit to jump to the value of $0.5499 at the time of drafting this article. This is an increase of approximately 0.51% in the last 24 hours. While the token is away from its all-time high value, there is not a single point that creates a doubt that it can soon surpass that mark. Assuming Polygon keeps contributing to such innovations, the token will only rise as time passes, with a chance of attracting more members along with partners.

Members can now execute withdrawal instructions in two ways:-

  • Shib, Leash, and wETH pass through 2 checkpoints that take 45 minutes to 3 hours to complete
  • BONE, which is estimated to take up to a week, or 7 days, for withdrawal

Moving forward, Shibarium will continue fighting against the spread of misinformation by malicious actors on the internet. The same has been stated in the blog post by Shytoshi Kusama while thanking those who stuck to them during the time when misinformation was being spread widely.

The previous update for Shibarium was published by Shytoshi Kusama on August 22, 2023. It was to inform the community that Shibarium was optimized and enhanced for the purpose of achieving the ready state. It was only after 2 days of the blockchain being tested and parameters being tweaked that Shibarium inched closer to going live for the world.

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