Siacoin Price Analysis: SC price surge can make the currency touch $0.004

Siacoin (SC) has turned bullish today after touching the bottom at $0.0029. The price of Siacoin (SC) is moving ahead with an upward spree. The currency is giving high hopes to the investors who are rooting for the coin.

The coin is highly unstable, but the same make it unique from others. Siacoin (SC) has a history of repeatedly touching its high and low in multiple time frames. The latest price drop changed the momentum of the currency, but it looks like Siacoin (SC) is returning to its track.

The chart of Siacoin (SC) is taken from Trading View on 08th June 2019 at 08:03 UTC for price analysis.

Siacoin Price Chart

Siacoin Price Comparison:

The above chart is reflecting that the coin has a unique pattern which was broken in May 2019. If we compare the price of Siacoin (SC) from January 01, 2019, which was $0.0030 with that of today, which is $0.0032, then a clear progression of 6.67% is observed.

The below-mentioned chart reflects the movement of Siacoin (SC) from yesterday until now. Yesterday, the coin was trying to stay put at a resistance level of $0.0033. However, today, the charts are showing a better result than yesterday. Siacoin (SC) touched a high at $0.0034 but soon dropped to $0.0032 with regression of 5.59%. If we calculate the progression of Siacoin (SC) from its opening price, which was $0.0031 then that of now at 08:03 UTC, which is 0.0032, then it will come around 3.22%. Hence to Read more about Siacoin prediction, you must visit our forecast page to know the coin’s upcoming years’ price updates!

Siacoin Price Chart - 8 June

Summary of Statistics:

  • The price of Siacoin (SC) is USD 0.003286.
  • The ROI stands at 7,079.94%.
  • The market rank is 61.
  • The market capitalization is at USD 134,738,382.
  • The 24 hr volume is USD 4,300,288.

Siacoin Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Siacoin (SC) is luring many investors with its current price momentum. It is anticipated that the coin will move with the said momentum for quite a long time. The short term investors can come out good if the same continues. Siacoin (SC) is also best for the intraday investors as they can draw good profit out of it.


We are not in favor of suggesting Siacoin (SC) for long term investment owing to its volatility. However, people looking in for Siacoin (SC) for the long term should split the investment to cut short the risk.

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