NFT-Based Game SIDUS HEROES Partners with Partisia Blockchain

Blockchain gaming platform SIDUS HEROES announced a partnership with Partisia Blockchain, a Web 3.0 security-focused platform to bring security and transparency to the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Announced Tuesday, the partnership aims to see both companies take the first steps to bring their products’ beta versions to life. The partnership will also offer the companies an “opportunity to test out different forms of cooperation,” a statement from SIDUS HEROES reads. 

Additionally, the partnership between Partisia Blockchain and SIDUS HEROES will allow the development teams to create new utilities for players and improve the overall non-fungible token (NFT) gaming ecosystem. 

Launched in 2021, SIDUS HEROES boasts as the first-ever WebGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT, and MMORPG game. Set in a space-like metaverse, the game allows users to play as highly advanced technology merging with all living beings. The blockchain game offers multiple gaming scenarios to players, including interstellar exploration, battles, settlements, and political, social & economic development gaming modes. The game relies on a closed financial system based on a limited emission of resources, and it incorporates a ‘play-to-earn’ model into all its in-game items and is based on a two-token system. 

“The SIDUS HEROES team is excited to witness and make a contribution to the development of Partisia Blockchain’s infrastructure and to test its capabilities in practice,” Dan Khomenko, CEO of SIDUS HEROES, said on the latest partnership with Partisia Blockchain. “We see great potential in in-game transactions being finalized in 500 millisecond time frames and adding an extra layer of security to them. We will maintain strong ties with the Partisia Blockchain team and are excited to see where this partnership will take us!”

On the other hand, Partisia Blockchain is a fully functioning Layer 1 public blockchain platform that uses zero-knowledge (ZK) to secure its transactions. The platform delivers on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain transactions creating a functioning economic ecosystem for its users. Since its launch, the blockchain has upgraded its systems to create a more secure and lightning-fast digital infrastructure that can finalize transactions within less than a second. Apart from functioning as a regulatory compliant privacy layer, Partisia also provides solutions for everything crypto, including DeFi platforms, subdomains, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and crypto-wallets. 

In the partnership with SIDUS HEROES, Partisia Blockchain co-founder Brian Gallagher explained the shortcomings of having a gaming platform on Ethereum with the high fees and throughput inefficiencies. 

“Where blockchain games such as SIDUS HEROES are concerned, speed and finality are extremely important since they are engaged in minting hundreds and thousands of in-game NFTs, he stated. “This applies not only to SIDUS but to the whole P2E blockchain gaming ecosystem in general.”

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