Simplifying Loyalty Programs With Kicks And Your Smartphone

Sessia is simplifying loyalty programs by empowering businesses to cut out middle-men and allowing businesses to spend nearly 100% of their advertising budget with their end-user.

What most businesses don’t realize is that creating a blockchain-based loyalty program is easier than they could have ever imagined.

According to Sessia,

The number one objective is to remove all intermediaries between companies and customers, including marketing agencies and social networks, regardless of their location or origin.

By eliminating all intermediaries, businesses spend their advertising budgets directly with their clients on a global level instead of having to pay third-parties.

Common Terms Used in Sessia:

Before understanding the nuanced components of Sessia, it’s important to understand some common terms used within the platform.


Kicks are the primary digital currency for paying out bonuses and purchasing goods within the Sessia market. It’s important to understand that kicks are a cryptocurrency, and their value is determined by the number of services, brands, and clients.

Unlike many emerging digital coins, kicks are true utility tokens. They not only allow users to award cashback anywhere in the world, but they also let users pay for services within the Sessia platform.

Sessia Cashbacks:

Sessia’s cashback program functions much like a traditional loyalty program—customers are rewarded for purchases they make at a business. Cashbacks are determined by each business when they set up their Sessia Business profile.

Sessia Kickbacks:

Kickbacks are arguably the unique component in which Sessia operates. Kicks are a form of blockchain currency; more specifically, kicks are based on Ethereum. Sessia Kickbacks are payment in kicks within the Sessia platform.

The most interesting part of kickbacks within the ecosystem is that kicks are currently traded on two of the top-10 blockchain exchanges: Bitforex and Coineal.


Kickers are people who distribute Sessia and obtain additional awards (paid in kicks) for engaging new brands and clients to work with Sessia. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a perfect way to get into Sessia as an early-adopter.

Why Businesses Should Consider Blockchain Technology?

Businesses from a wide range of niches are realizing the power and value in Sessia—florists, retail, gyms, dining, and even some nightlife businesses discovering the power of being a business using blockchain technology.

According to Sessia:

In January 2018, the overall market capitalization of cryptoassets will amount to $800 billion. In 2019, 2% of Internet users will have crypto wallets. The speed with which cryptocurrency is spreading can be compared to the speed of distribution of mobile phones and high-speed Internet access. By 2025, the overall capitalization of cryptocurrency may surpass $10 trillion, and 5% of the population of our planet will have crypto wallets. Today, the vast majority of brands don’t accept payments in cryptocurrency. Thanks to Sessia, crypto wallet operators and domestic exchanges will have the opportunity to sell goods for other cryptocurrencies. With the advent of Sessia’s personal markets, businesses will be able to trade with each other using kicks, and enjoy cryptocurrency benefits like low transaction costs, maximum transparency and security.

These trends are apparent in the physical world—Sessia currently operates in 7 countries with new businesses joining the network daily. This growing network of thriving businesses has over 250 merchants, 100 of which are located in New York.

Clearly, cryptocurrencies show signs of increasing in popularity and use.

Getting Started With SessiaLoyalty:

For businesses interested in getting started with Sessia, the process is quite simple. First, you’ll need to download the Sessia Business app from Google Play or the iTunes app store.

Once installed, the business will fill out their profile and establish how much cashbacks and kickbacks they’re willing to pay out customers in the form of kicks. But first, in order for a merchant to get started with a loyalty program and offer cashbacks / kickbacks to their clients, they first need to purchase “Kicks” through the Sessia app.

For a merchant to get started with a loyalty program and offer cashbacks or kickbacks to their clients, they first need to create an account and purchase “Kicks” through the Sessia app.

Sessia makes this easy by allowing a business to use debit or credit cards to top up their Kicks, as well as bank account and Ethereum wallet options.

Lastly, each business determines its own loyalty program; specifically, how much cashbacks and kickbacks they’re ready to pay to clients. Of course, Sessia has also thought about the fluidity needed by small businesses. Each business account can change the amount of these loyalty payouts at its own discretion, at any moment.

KIcks Offer A Unique Opportunities For Investors:

It’s important to understand that SessiaLoyalty isn’t just for businesses.  For investors, Kicks offer a unique arbitrage opportunity.

Every time a merchant or business buys Kicks in order to distribute them to its clients, the demand and liquidity for the Kicks increases. As this demand increases, the price of Kicks increases as well. Over both the short term and long-term, this positively affects the overall value of Kicks as a blockchain currency.

With each merchant that joins the Sessia Business platform, the price of Kicks is expected to rise. This is outlined in detail within Sessia’s white paper.

Sessia has six key products: a loyalty program, social media marketing program, marketplace, a CRM, payment platform, and a logistics system.

Within each of these verticals, Sessia anticipates having more than 30,000 quality merchants in the Sessia app who will actively be buying kicks on a daily or weekly basis. Considering the massive success Sessia has gained in only 3 short years, this is definitely an opportunity to seize before it’s too late.

How Can Sessia Improve B2C Relationships?

If you’re a business owner interested in improving your business to consumer (B2C) relationships, Sessia provides incredible flexibility and power within the hands of a business owner.

In an interview with Sessia founder, Narek Sirakanyan stated:

“We tested on it how Sessia helps not only large companies that have been on the market for a long time but also small businesses. We managed to save a lot of money.” Read the full article here.


As previously mentioned, Sessia’s end-goal is to eliminate all intermediaries between the business and end-user. This allows a business to craft a loyalty program that incentivizes the customer with more lucrative cashbacks/kickbacks while eliminating unnecessary overhead.

Another benefit of the SessiaLoyalty platform is that businesses will be able to more transparently see who their customers are and at what frequency purchases are being made. With this data, businesses can engage their true customer base by providing offers that actually matter, not an estimation of what the business “thinks” a customer might be interested in.

If Sessia sounds like something that might benefit your business, click over to Google Play or the iTunes app store and start filling out your business profile today.

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