Singapore conducts discussion regarding virtual currency

Various countries are now taking steps to enter this yet nascent sector. Not many countries are aversed to the idea of virtual currency anymore, however, there are several countries which in varying degrees have adopted cryptocurrency. Singapore and its authorities have recently expressed an openness towards cryptocurrency. The regulators of the country expressed their opinions regarding the same in the national consensus of Singapore. It can be believed that the government of Singapore will soon take steps to see to it that digital currency fits into its economic setup. A positive outlook towards digital currency was noticed towards this field in the consensus that took place in 2018.

During this consensus, a lot of entities related to this field were heard and therefore, with the exposure to these entities, it became possible for the regulators to look at the way cryptocurrencies will affect the future of the country. The highlight of this meeting would be the discussion that took place with those representing the Monetary Authority of Singapore. From the discussion that took place, it can be believed that Singapore and its regulators may have an entirely unique perspective to cryptocurrency than the one adopted by the rest of the countries belonging to the first world, it can also be believed that Singapore is one country which is more open cryptocurrency than other countries of the world.

It has become clear that the Monetary Authority of Singapore has a holistic perspective to virtual currency, it is for this reason that it has astounding clarity about the various tokens and their functions, moreover, their focus is not limited to the technology but is extended to the way various tokens stand to affect the economy.


It can be believed that the stand of Singapore when it comes to virtual currencies is very distinct, it is holistic, more open and stands to inspire as well as intimidate the competitors.

Trevor Holman

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