SingularityDAO inks a channel deal with Chainlink Labs

SingularityDAO ties up with Chainlink Labs to back the Chainlink BUILD community to gain connectivity with further options via SingularityDAO’s launchpad, creative solutions, and various other factors. Incidentally, Singularity DAO is a decentralized collection management protocol. 

SingularityDAO additionally serves as a foundation for AI-enhanced crypto asset management. Its area of expertise is acting as a strategic partner for forthcoming blockchain initiatives. Through its incubation program, SingularityDAO actively participates in developing and progressing innovative initiatives. It provides the necessary knowledge and resources to enable them to achieve their goals. 

The company, as a well-established entity, has committed to developing blockchain and AI by fostering innovative ideas, connecting experienced professionals with relevant communities, and promoting forward-thinking collaborations. This is made possible through the application of networking, data-centric expertise, and the utilization of networking and prior experience, as well as the implementation of high-level crypto space methods and techniques.

The Chainlink BUILD program was created to encourage the initial stage of startups within the Chainlink ecosystem. This association will provide SingularityDAO with support for BUILD projects via its launchpad, as well as its incubation solutions, mentorship, training schemes, and others. 

According to the CFO of SingularityDAO, Mario Casiraghi, they intend to offer high-quality options for teams to develop exclusive Web3 applications. In his opinion, the tie-up with Chainlink Labs will allow them to pursue their aspirations towards their ecosystem and support the members of the Chainlink BUILD program in discovering fresh and interesting use cases for Web3. 

Chainlink serves as the preeminent standard for decentralized computing platforms that contribute to advancing the trustworthy web. Chainlink has facilitated substantial transaction volumes across borders by providing access to real-time data, off-chain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains for financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and creators.


SingularityDAO (SDAO) revolutionizes cryptocurrency administration across all markets with AI-enhanced concepts. It has been optimized for secure, efficient, and automated asset management; data-driven expertise and robust risk management systems are its top priorities. The organization provides an exclusive ecosystem that assists users and projects in thriving and expanding in the digital realm. Additionally, it offers the SDAO incubation program, which provides comprehensive support for developing potential Web3 projects.

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