SingularityNET (AGIX) price continues uptrend, why Avorak AI is also gaining support in 2023

SingularityNET has become a major player in the recently booming AI crypto market. Since the start of 2023, the SingularityNET token, AGIX, has grown significantly. As AGIX’s price rises, Avorak AI gets more support as its ICO event draws more attention.

The rise of AI crypto

In recent years, there has been a notable rise in the development of AI-based cryptocurrencies. These innovative projects leverage the power of blockchain to provide enhanced security, privacy, and fast transaction processing capabilities. With the increasing adoption of blockchain technology following the growing demand for faster and more efficient payment systems, AI cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity among crypto investors and users alike. This is because these projects also offer new opportunities to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance their customer experience.

SingularityNet (AGIX) set for another bull run?

SingularityNET uses blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent ecosystem for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. This AI crypto project aims to decentralize access to AI technology and create a more democratic and equitable future for AI development and deployment. Users buy and sell AI services using its native cryptocurrency, AGIX.

SingularityNET (AGIX) started strongly in 2023, with its price gaining momentum. AGIX was among the top 10 tokens bought by Ethereum whales, indicating increasing investor interest. With the rise in the SingularityNET price and its underlying principles, another bull run is possible shortly.

Avorak AI gaining more support

Avorak AI is a new AI crypto project that combines AI and blockchain technologies to craft an extensive set of solutions that make life better for everyone involved – from individual users to large organizations.

The Avorak ecosystem offers unique first-to-market solutions, such as language-to-image processes. These automated trading bots don’t require code, plagiarism-free texts generated by AI, and more.

In addition to being used as credit for accessing the Avorak AI services, the project’s AVRK token can be used for other uses, such as staking or incentivized liquidity provision through decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Avorak’s 1st phase of ICO caught the attention of many investors and crypto analysts. With phase 2 starting on March 11th at $0.105 per AVRK token, investors who missed the first phase are hurrying to take advantage of the 9% bonus offer. Cyberscope’s audit of Avorak has enhanced confidence in the project’s openness and security.


With the rise of artificial intelligence and its potential for various industries, it is no surprise that AI cryptocurrencies will be gaining support in 2023. The uptrend in SingularityNET price is a positive sign for the AI crypto market. And as more investors become interested in this space, there is a growing need for a cheaper alternative to investing without compromising quality. This is where Avorak AI and its ICO come in. As a promising new market entrant with a range of benefits, Avorak is set to follow SingularityNET’s upward trend.

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