SingularityNET X Vechain: Drives Blockchain growth & innovation

SingularityNET is of the firm opinion that the power of AGI can be unleashed when it is linked with the decentralized blockchain technology. Therefore, the company has forged a meaningful collaboration with Vechain for the linking of Artificial Intelligence with blockchain technology. This is an iconic occurrence that will drive and advance the functioning of enterprises. As per the understanding, Vechain will provide its technical ability for product verification, having excelled in matters of warding off malpractices. There will now be the amalgamation of SingularNET’s AI expertise and Vechain’s extensive business data collection. 

The roadmap set out by SingularityNET and Vechain will involve the incorporation of Vechain’s business data with SingularityNET’s AI marketplace. There will be the utilization of SingularityNET’s AI expertise for analyzing the business data provided by Vechain. AI verification will take place wherein SingularityNET’s AI tools will be established for the purpose of product verification. A collective exercise will be carried out with regard to research and development. SingularityNET’s new-age AI algorithms are capable of examining product data, as well as images and sensor readings, for verifying the standard of products, which is in tandem with Vechains ability to ward off malpractices through the use of blockchain technology. 

It is high-level data that is significant for proper AI execution, and the association of the two entities will help in enhancing the standard of SNET’s AI prototypes. Together with SingularityNET’s advanced AI algorithms and Vechain’s extensive business data, the doors will open for the building of futuristic platforms. Further, the systems will provide clear perception of current functions, helping users to identify malpractices of any kind. 

The idea behind the association is to build an advanced, automated, and linked world. Through this, it will be possible to connect AI with blockchain technology to revolutionize the method of business functioning. 

According to the CEO of SingularityNET, Dr. Ben Goertzel, the past has shown that anything is possible with the proper amalgamation of AI algorithms and effective data. In his opinion, the situation further improves when the algorithms, as well as data and processing, are decentralized while positioning, taking ownership, and managing. This is what the collaboration with Vechain will bring about.  

As for the CTO of Vechain, Antonio Senatore, this collaboration is a well-thought-out one. By combining the expertise of both companies, there will now be the opportunity to enhance the potential of Web3 and its capability.  

Vechain is a blockchain platform focussing on enhancing the sustainability and inclusivity of businesses. In this regard, the company has built a one-of-its-kind two-token economic module, VET and VTHO, to bring about a balanced and effective blockchain framework. 

SingulartyNET, on the other hand, is a decentralized platform and marketplace for rendering AI services. The goal of the company is to build a decentralized and comprehensive Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). 

Roxanne Williams

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