SK Planet and Avalanche launch a ticketing platform

SK Planet and Avalanche have launched a ticketing platform to enhance the experience of users who come to the internet for tickets. Dreamus sports a list of 21 million loyal customers on OK Cashbag. The fact that Avalanche now backs the ticketing process helps them tap into the sizable ticketing industry in South Korea, worth $230 million. OK Cashbag covers the entire region and was launched only recently.

That has not stopped the application from experimenting with innovation and implementing it for a better experience. Most importantly, it helps to resolve key issues that the ticketing industry in South Korea has been facing for a long time.

This includes digital transactions, scalping issues, counterfeit tickets, and secondary market abuse. OK Cashbag makes digital transactions convenient to execute. Therefore, it is the top choice for customers willing to buy tickets with minimal clicks. It circumvents scalping issues and also deals with counterfeit ticketing problems. The initial days of OK Cashbag have proven effective in curbing secondary market abuse. It remains to be seen if the constant introduction of innovation enables them to continue the work similarly.

Building a Blockchain Ticket Total Solution Service with Avalanche is coming in handy with these benefits. The already-available on-chain ticket issuance and storage with OK Cashbag is making it convenient. Moving forward, SK Planet and Dreamus are planning to launch a secondary marketplace with more features and loyalty rewards.

Gyosu Kim from SK Planet has appreciated the model of the blockchain-based ticketing process by acknowledging that it helps in dealing with scalping ticket issues. The Chief Business Officer has further stated that it will allow event organizers to improve their customers’ experience when they visit the platform. In conclusion, Kim has underlined that the collaboration with Avalanche will enable them to revitalize the entertainment industry by implementing a ticketing process that has been upgraded to the best of its ability in the current times.

Justin Kim from Ava Labs has also appreciated the work done with SK Planet and Dreamus. The Head of Korea for Ava Labs has said that it is amazing to watch such use cases come to life, especially since they are based in Web3 and are for K-Pop fans. Justin has hinted that another phase of their association will soon be revealed, and it will be incredibly exciting.

Avalanche has revealed this development to its community by informing them that it will be SK Planet’s UPTN Subnet to support the ticketing process along with them. The majority of members are optimistic about this, stating that it is indeed significant. Others are thrilled to see their preferred events utilizing the innovative blockchain solution to make buying tickets more convenient. OK Cashbag will carry on the ticketing process that is backed by Avalanche and SK Planet, along with Dreamus.

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