SKALE inks a mutually beneficial deal with Dmail

At a time when privacy related to data is of utmost importance, there is an urgent requirement for safe and user-friendly communication services. The email system is open to all kinds of breaches. 

This is where Dmail jumps into the picture. It is a game-changing platform that is ideal for solving these issues adequately and restructuring the digital communication space completely. It is a safe messaging solution serving more than 9 million users, and its AI-boosted decentralized communication framework has been created to offer encrypted emails and joint notifications throughout various blockchain chains and dApps. This is for the benefit of users, as well as builders, influencers, and marketers. 

As of this date, SKALE has signed a deal with Dmail, which has released its AI-boosted Web3 messaging on the network for using SKALE’s zero gas-free framework. 

Through the struck deal, Dmail will have access to SKALE’s new-age AI functions and be able to adopt them within its platform. By securing SKALE’s high utility network, Dmail will be able to position the AI algorithms necessary for real-world processing, spam filtering, automated answers, and upgraded safety factors. 

The users of Dmail will come in for improved safety standards, better effectiveness, and personalized exposure without the requirement of transaction costs. Dmail’s AI-oriented features, boosted by SKALE’s framework, will offer a strong safeguard against phishing and malware and backing AI algorithms that initiate normal activities and personalize user exposure. 

According to the COO and CO-Founder of Dmail Network, Daniel James, this deal will pave the way for a united and interoperable blockchain space where communication obstacles will be eliminated. Their entire focus will be on providing safe and private communications for users without the fear of unknown trespassers. 

SKALE is known to be the most accelerated blockchain, and it was built to offer safe Ethereum upgrading. SKALE AppChains offer ZERO gas fees to end users and come with new-age features like AI/ML smart contracts, on-chain file storage, interchain messaging, and no-cost minting. SKALE allows builders to position their configurable EVM blockchain swiftly without compromising swiftness, safety, and decentralization.

Roxanne Williams

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