Sky Mavis x Google Cloud to Advance the Games Universe

Google Cloud published a news release to share the update on its recent partnership with Sky Mavis. Google Cloud has announced that it is not the validator for the blockchain network of Sky Mavis. As a validator, Google Cloud will enable Sky Mavis to scale with a secure and sustainable infrastructure, advancing the vision of building the games universe with immersive, interrelated, and rewarding experiences.

With this update, Google Cloud joins the pool of validators that includes names like Nansen, Animoca Brands, and DappRadar, to mention a few.

Google will take on the responsibility of contributing to the security aspect of the blockchain network along with actively participating in the governance process. The partnership between Sky Mavis and Google Cloud is a multi-year collaboration to strengthen the security of Ronin.

Validators ensure that a transaction is executed correctly while also serving as a crucial partner and supervisor to the ecosystem, as quoted by Aleksander Larsen, the Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Sky Mavis.

Sky Mavis and Google Cloud go a long way before entering the recent partnership. Google Cloud has been acting as the strategic cloud provider to Sky Mavis since 2020.

The recent partnership between the two makes Google the 18th validator of the blockchain network. This marks a major milestone for Sky Mavis as it achieves the goal of reaching 21 independent validators.

Google Cloud is a trusted partner of customers in over 200 countries, allowing them to transform their businesses with cutting-edge technology digitally.

Sky Mavis was founded in 2018 to create digital property rights for gamers by building games that are not just governed by the community but also owned by them. The achievement of Sky Mavis can be measured by the height at which Axie Infinity has reached. Axie Infinity is the first game of Sky Mavis and one of the largest ecosystems for blockchian gaming.

Sky Mavis considered many options. What made them choose Google Cloud was its open source heritage and managed Kubernetes service. Viet Anh Ho, the Chief Technology Officer at Sky Mavis, echoed a similar tone to add that it was only natural for Google Cloud to have the best autoscaling and automated deployment capabilities.

Sky Mavis, according to Managing Director of Google Cloud, Ruma Balasubramanian, Managing Director of Google Cloud for Southeast Asia, is a good illustration of how the cloud can enable blockchain technologies to encourage value creation and innovation for every individual.

Ruma expressed excitement on behalf of the team, stating that many possibilities can emerge from the collaboration, whether it is an entertaining experience or a new business model.

Sky Mavis is looking forward to hiring more employees in the next 18 months. According to estimates mentioned by Sky Mavis, it will hire over 100 individuals and empower world-class talent to grow a Games Universe.

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