SleeFi P2E Game App: Sleep To Earn!

Introduction to SleeFi

SleeFi is a lifestyle app developed on Web 3.0 around the most vital activity of our day-to-day lives – sleep. SleeFi is being built on Avalanche protocol as one of the most innovative projects, considering it is based on the concept of sleep to earn. The game combines special gameplay that requires sleeping to engage with the traditional play-to-earn mechanism in the NFT gaming space.

Users can get NFTs in the form of sleeping beds. They can also earn digital tokens in SLFT by sleeping, and the tokens can either be used in the game or taken out for profit. SleeFi P2E gaming app aims to improve the lifestyles of millions of users with this new innovative concept.

Why Use SleeFi?

SleeFi is a new innovative Play-to-Earn game developed on Avalanche Protocol. The game features tokenized beds that yield returns when users sleep on them for a given period. Users can acquire the SleeFi virtual beds to fit their sleeping styles, have a well-needed shut-eye and win rewards after every round ends. 

With SleeFi, users can make money by sleeping in the most literal sense. SleeFi Play to Earn game is unique, with new staking and gameplay mechanisms that have never been seen before in the Web3 gaming community. The game encourages users to sleep well daily and promises consistent rewards as long as users log in to their activities using their SleeFi bed NFT.

By making sleep a fun and rewarding activity along with a wide selection of upgrades, tools, and items, SleeFi helps battle insomnia, especially for depressed people who commonly lack sleep. 

SleeFi game aims to improve both mental and physical health, and it also provides access to a wide variety of services, including:-

  • DeFi or Decentralized finance
  • (Gacha Function) GameFi system 
  • Social Contribution
  • NFT minting

Other services are also powered by SleeFi’s native crypto coin, SLFT, and its governance token, SLGT. One of the best things about SleeFi is that users can earn tokens by sleeping and improving their lifestyle. 

Getting Started Process With SleeFi

To benefit from SleeFi and its ongoing campaign, users need to follow the following steps to start earning from sleeping:-

  • Visit the official website and download, and install the SleeFi app. 
  • Join the community by signing up and creating a new wallet account. 
  • Transfer AVAX into the in-app wallet and purchase Bed NFT to start sleeping.

Users at SleeFi can start earning multiple tokens and rewards just by sleeping. The development team at SleeFi aims to introduce the app on Google Play Store and AppStore this September, along with added updates that will be notified by the team soon. 

How Does SleepFi Work?

SleeFi functions by allowing its users to calculate the amount of sleep they have every day and earn rewards based on it. The tokens and rewards that users receive after sleeping are directly proportional to the quality and duration of sleep. For this, every player must hold different bed NFTs, each having 5 unique attributes. Essentially, users can not calculate their sleep duration whenever they wish to. The measurement can be done only once a day, which requires energy, restored after every 20 hours as they are measured only once. 

How to Play SleeFi?

  • Choose the Most Suitable Bed Based on Your Sleeping Time

There are 4 different kinds of beds available, each having its measurable sleeping time based on the sleeping style of the users. The beds range from short to the middle to long and are flexible with different sleeping times. The sleeping time for the short bed is 5 hours, for the middle bed, 4 hours to 7 hours; for the long, 6 hours 30 minutes, and the flexible bed, the sleeping time can be customized based on the user’s requirement. 

  • Buy a Bed in the In-App Marketplace

Users can purchase their favorite bed NFTs from the SleeFi marketplace with AVAX. 

  • Bed Detail Page

The beds are available in 5 unique attributes: efficiency, luck, bonus, special, and resilience. With a higher efficiency value, users can earn more SLFT tokens. 

  • Measure Your Sleep

SleeFi has taken casual gaming to a different level by launching a sleep-to-earn game. It ensures the most sustainable ecosystem offering rewards for sleeping. The Beds available at SleeFi replicate the physical beds and record every user’s sleep cycle, and the NFTs generate tokens while users are asleep. 

  • Burn SLFT

Users can level up their Beds to earn tokens more efficiently. They can mint a brand-new Bed or turn their gacha to get Jewels, Beds, and more items. They can mint with Rare and open the Lucky Box with a higher rarity.

About SleeFi Tokens

  • Game Token: SLFT

The main game token offered by SleeFi is SLFT which users can use to improve Bed NFTs, and they can also be used to mint more bed NFTs. The SLFT tokens can be earned daily and are given to the users as soon as they hit STOP after sleeping. SLFT is SleeFi’s reward and native utility token that users spend to perform all gaming functions such as staking, collecting rewards from sleeping, and upgrading SleeFi Bed NFTs. 

  • Governance Token: SLGT

SLGT is SleeFi’s native governance token for the users in the ecosystems. SLGT token holders can spend the tokens on improving Bed NFT and raising the amount of SLFT coins earned from each session of sleeping. However, the important aspect of SLGT tokens is that these tokens give users only partial ownership of SleeFi and the power to have a say on how the DAO operates. 

Minting an NFT with SleeFi

  • Mint Bed NFTs

SleeFi will soon allow users to mint Genesis Bed NFTs on the platform without gas fees. However, users must be connected to the AVAX C-Chain network to be able to mint SleeFi Bed NFTs. 

  • Mint Jewel NFTs

Besides minting Bed NFTs, SleeFi will allow users to mint Jewel NFTs on the platform. Users can use their choice of jewels in the SleeFi socket and raise their bed’s status. The available jewels that can be minted are:-

  • Ruby has a positive effect on efficiency
  • Sapphire has a positive effect on luck
  • Emerald has a positive effect on bonus
  • Diamond has a positive impact on Special
  • Amethyst has a positive effect on resilience


With the growing demands of cryptocurrency and blockchain networks, more people are searching for ways to earn money online. With this, there has been an exponential growth in the digital NFT space among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Play-to-Earn games have become ubiquitous with the introduction and growth of blockchain tech. Cryptocurrency digital games have become the latest sensation where players are getting more chances to earn daily rewards, either in digital tokens or NFTs. SleeFi is revolutionizing this space through its Sleep-to-Earn game. With SleeFi, users can sleep and earn tokens, which is probably one of the most innovative applications of NFTs in 2022. 

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