Smart Valor Crypto Exchange Encourages Crypto Mass Adoption

It will not be an overstatement if I say that the bygone decade has revolutionized the financial and the industrial arena. The changes, developments, and innovations have changed the core structure of the marketspace, especially with the entry of new technologies and pedagogies. Launched in 2008, during the time of the global recession, cryptocurrencies can be seen as one of the most important launches of the past decade. It was for the very first time that the world explored the concept of virtual currencies and blockchain technology. Despite being under constant scrutiny and skepticism, cryptocurrencies managed to establish themselves as strong replacements to the traditional payment solutions. As the industry deepened its roots into the market, the use of cryptocurrencies became predominant in various sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, supply chain, etc.

About Smart Valor

At present, the crypto arena is home to various global cryptocurrency exchanges that help the investors in making secured and leveraged transactions. Smart Valor is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and headquartered in Zug. The exchange offers an array of world-class facilities, products, solutions, and services to its global customer base. In 2019, Smart Valor grabbed the attention of one and all as it shined like the first integrated trading and custody platform in the Swiss territory.

The exchange is a one-stop solution for investors who are looking for custody solutions, trading options, and brokerage services. With the hard work and labor of its team of dedicated experts, Smart Valor was acknowledged as one of the top 10 European most exciting technology start-ups by Forbes. Olga Feldmeier, founder and CEO of Smart Valor exchange, shines as one of the notable dignitaries in the list of top 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland.

The Smart Valor AG Liechtenstein, which serves as the fully owned subsidiary of the Smart Valor community, provides exchange trading and custody for digital currencies while the non-custodial brokerage services are facilitated via Smart Valor AG Switzerland.

About the VALOR token

While supporting trading activities for the world’s best digital currencies, Smart Valor has its own native token as well. The token is branded as the VALOR token, and it manifests the setting up of a circular economy in which the token value surges in sync with the scaling of the platform.

The exchange is adamant about bringing in lucrative benefits for its core community and for this, it showers upon them various rewards. It runs multiple schemes for its different classes of stakeholders, such as rewards for active investors, paybacks for asset issuers, rewards for contributors of work. One requires the members of the exchange to be eligible for claiming the rewards.

With a view to expanding its operational capacities and strengthening its core ecosystem, Smart Valor recently broadcasted the news about the launch of trading facilities for the EOS crypto token on the platform. The investors will now be able to access trading pairs EOS/BTC and EOS/CHF. EOS is the native token of renowned decentralized applications platform, EOSIO network.

The Smart Valor’s Crypto Summit

The Smart Valor team comprises of an elite panel of experts who put in their best minds to popularize cryptocurrencies in the global marketspace. With a view to encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, the firm organizes Crypto Summit, Europe’s most highly acclaimed blockchain conference. The event witnessed the presence of the best leaders, industrialists, academics, intellectuals, and crypto enthusiasts from around the world. The summit brings together the best brains of the crypto industry under one roof, where they share and discuss ideas, opinions, and strategies focused on the development of the sector as a whole.


In today’s technological world, cryptocurrencies have become an indispensable part that is evolving in heaps and bounds with every passing day. Cryptocurrency exchanges like Smart Valor are playing an important role in expanding the industry and allowing easy access for the investors even in the most underdeveloped countries of the world. Through its innovative approach and unprecedented service offerings, Smart Valor is likely to become a master player of the crypto domain in the near future.

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