Smog coin surges 33% in 24 hours—Is this the best meme coin to buy now?

The Solana ecosystem poses a growing challenge to Ethereum’s supremacy because of its rapidness and cost-effectiveness. The noteworthy expansion of Solana in recent months comes as no surprise. The price surge is not exclusive to Solana; other cryptocurrencies are also undergoing a similar upward trend because of the impending bull run. However, its growth certainly draws plenty of attention. Shifting the focus to meme tokens functioning on the Solana network, a few emerging contenders have the potential to rival Dogecoin. The main one raising dust is certainly Smog ($SMOG). Check out why this token is worth your attention!

$SMOG brings access to the Solana airdrop

Meme coins have shown many interesting layers so far, going from pure humor to sarcasm and added utility. Smog emerges with an interesting design that deviates from the dogs and frogs that we’ve been seeing during the previous period. With Smog, a fire-breathing dragon signals that the Year of the Dragon has begun and represents the energy that the bull run brings.

Launched in early February, Smog ($SMOG) experienced an impressive surge of 1,400% in its initial hours, sustaining its upward trajectory. The rally continues, as $SMOG’s value increased by 33% in 24 hours and 85.52% in the last seven days. Unquestionably, this multi-chain meme coin is an attractive option for crypto enthusiasts, and its OTC markdown cements its status as one of the top cryptos to consider acquiring now. 

For a short period, investors purchasing Smog via the project’s site can enjoy a 10% markdown, resulting in significant gains if the current uptrend continues. This markdown applies to the ERC-20 iteration of Smog, necessitating the use of an Ethereum-compatible wallet like MetaMask. Payment methods include ETH, USDT, or using a bank card facilitated by Smog’s designated third-party payment service.

The absence of an initial presale signals a groundbreaking approach. $SMOG’s rapid success is capturing the attention of traders, prompting them to monitor updates on the upcoming airdrop campaign closely. Simple actions such as following Smog’s official page on X, joining Telegram, or participating in other listed activities on the official website can earn points, which will transform into rewards for investors.

A blend of initiation tasks & daily offers an ongoing chance for community involvement, greatly enhancing its social impact and, ultimately, the lasting viability of this enticing endeavor. The distribution of $SMOG extends beyond merely acquiring free crypto; it extends a welcome to participate in a community-driven token initiative & influence the project’s direction actively. Seize the moment on this distinctive chance – take action and become part of it before it’s too late!

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Smog utility and tokenomics unveiled

Staking has been taking the central stage lately since it is a way for investors to overcome the crypto market volatility by having a passive income stream. Smog includes this appealing feature and offers an impressive current reward rate of 42% per year. More than 16 million tokens are already staked, which is one of the reasons why this project has attracted substantial interest.


While investors can conveniently claim rewards, it’s crucial to note the 90-day withdrawal restriction on staked tokens, effective from the last addition to the staking pool. $SMOG’s fair launch establishes the foundation for an impartial token distribution, fostering transparency and inclusivity within the ecosystem. Beyond the allocated 35% for airdrop rewards, a significant 50% is dedicated to marketing initiatives, supporting essential efforts in promotion and awareness-building crucial for the ecosystem’s expansion.

Moreover, $SMOG designates 10% for CEX liquidity, creating a robust groundwork for trading activities on reputable platforms, with an additional 5% of $SMOG’s tokenomics allocated to DEX liquidity. As $SMOG embarks on its journey, now seems to be the perfect moment to align with the project, contributing to its growth and potentially witnessing remarkable gains. Investing in Smog as it strives to surpass other meme coins means setting the stage for an exhilarating journey ahead!

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Meme coins have shown that they have enormous growth potential, and Smog surely has all the right elements to propel it toward the stars. With its multiple features and ways to earn airdrop points, it surely brings fun into the equation together with the enormous earning potential. After Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe brought millions to the early investors, the price rise we have witnessed in the previous period indicates that Smog could easily do the same!

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