Smog token 70% gain sparks expert investor interest; could a Binance listing be next?

Thanks to the growing popularity of Solana’s young meme coin, the Smog Token ($SMOG) token, and the success this meme coin has achieved over the past few days, investors are wondering what’s next.

Will the recent growth of over 70% achieved by this meme coin affect $ SMOG’s listing on leading exchanges such as Binance, and what are the price predictions for this already very popular meme coin? These are questions that occupy the crypto community these days.

So, let’s see what is expected from this meme coin by the end of the year and help you decide if Smog Token ($SMOG) is a meme coin that has real potential and whether you should include it in your crypto portfolio.

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Smog Token ($SMOG) price prediction for 2024 

Since the beginning of its crypto journey in February, when it appeared in the crypto world, Smog Token ($SMOG) has started recording outstanding results. The initial interest in investing in this meme coin from the very beginning was noticeable, and as time passed and as investors became aware of what this meme coin has to offer, its popularity became even bigger. 

The very fact that this meme coin managed to create a community with over 35k members in such a short time will very likely help $SMOG become the “one meme coin to rule them all”, and it could fulfill the expectations of its investors and achieve outstanding results during 2024.

$SMOG investors, of course, hope that this meme coin will explode in price and help them achieve a significant return on investment, but let’s see what some of the crypto experts have to say on this topic.

Popular crypto influencer Matthew Perry is extremely optimistic about the future of Smog Token ($SMOG) and is convinced that $SMOG might indeed be the king of Solana meme coins!

No less optimistic are other respectable crypto experts and crypto influencers who believe that $SMOG will shine in the days and months ahead. The popular Jacob Crypto Bury, talking about SMOG price prediction, deeply believes that this meme coin will be able to achieve up to 100x gains very soon!

So, regarding SMOG price predictions for 2024, here’s how things stand. According to the analysis of crypto experts, $SMOG could, in the worst case, reach a minimum value of $0.0019. On average, the value of the $SMOG meme coin will be around $0.014 during 2024. However, predictions suggest that by the end of the year, Smog Token could reach a maximum value of $0.1!

It is clear that these positive predictions are one of the reasons that spark expert investor interest, but speculations that a Binance listing for this meme coin could follow very soon certainly affect the growing interest in investing in Smog Token ($SMOG)!

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Could Smog Token ($SMOG) get listed on Binance?

These days, there is speculation among the crypto community that a Binance listing for Smog Token could follow very soon, so let’s check how realistic it is for that to happen.

Given that, Smog Token already has a strong and dedicated community behind it, and that it has already become one of the most popular meme coins, the possibility that this meme coin will be listed on Binance is quite real. 

If we go back a bit, we will see that Binance is very open when it comes to hot trending meme coins and that it happily “opened the door” for similar meme coins such as Pepe ($PEPE) and Bonk ($BONK), so there is a reasonable expectation that the situation with Smog Token ($SMOG) will be the same.

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A potential listing on Binance is not the only reason why more and more investors are opting for Smog Token ($SMOG)!

The fact that Smog Token ($SMOG) could be listed on Binance in the future is not the most important reason that sparks expert investor interest in this coin. As one of the most important factors influencing the growing interest in $SMOG, it is emphasized that owning this meme coin allows users to qualify for participation in Solana’s greatest airdrop of all time!

Through this airdrop, users will have the opportunity to win outstanding rewards, and one more reason for immediate investment in $SMOG is that you currently have the opportunity to take advantage of a 10% discount!

There is a limited time for this 10% discount, so hurrying and taking advantage of this good deal as soon as possible would be wise. At the same time, by investing in $SMOG, users can earn a 42% APY over the next 90 days!

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Smog Token ($SMOG) managed to position itself in a short time as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies that can be invested in at the moment, and “the greatest Solana airdrop of all time” could further boost its rise and help it become the leading meme coin of 2024! There is no doubt that investing in $SMOG is the right choice, so grab this high-potential meme coin before it explodes!

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