Snoop Dogg’s Bounce NFT Track Is Back on #GalaMusic, SnoopDogg & Death Row Records

Snoop Dogg is empowered by Gala Music to buy the Death Row Record catalogs and labels that include classic hits such as the Snoop Bounce. It is worth mentioning and appreciating the way the Gala Music platform is planning to elevate fans and artists, where Death Row Records will be launched as the first-ever Web 3.0 record label in the world. Every music NFT track will be completed with blockchain-powered ownership as well as a Listen-to-Earn future potential in order to reward owners in the most unprecedented way. 

Every NFT track in the ecosystem of Gala Music will possess the potential to earn Listen-to-Earn reward points on the upcoming Gala Music platform. Snoop Bounce is one such NFT track that is not going to be an exception. This will be an amazing opportunity for users to own a part of Death Row Records and claim early ownership on the new decentralized platform of Gala world of music. 

Snoop Bounce Is Back – The Drop

Gala Music will be operating in a slightly different manner with the Snoop Bounce Drop but in many ways – 

  • A new element of surprise – This will be a headstart for all those who pay close attention. This will give out rewards to all early adopters, the ones who are closely linked to the platform’s activities and announcements. 
  • Pay a lower price – Although the available supply is limited to only 500, the NFT will be available at just $500. The price is extremely lower than other Games NFT offered by Gala with the same supply quantity.


New structure for pricing – The drop will be available in a falling price auction as the price of the NFT will go down by $20 every half an hour till the entire supply is sold out. This implies that if a user waits, he may land up with a better and cheaper deal. But he may also miss the opportunity if he does not watch closely. Note that the price reduction will end at $60.

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