Software Developers Termed Bitcoin As A Trash

Fortune 500 software developers have termed Bitcoin as a trash network owing to its engineering excesses and unlawful ways.

Bryce Weiner, who is famous for being involved in various altcoin projects which then eventually failed to perform, took a dig at these assets though he did not emphasize on the reason as to why he commented so. Though afterward, he took back his words stating that it was just a light way to answer back on a personal comment made on him previously. Now he said that Bitcoin had many areas of concern and not what he had termed before – a trash network.

He had asserted that this digital asset had proved nothing as to give it the status of a global reserve currency. According to him, Bitcoin could only fork the source code repeatedly.

These comments did not go down very well with fellow – Bitcoiners who went ahead to say that Bryce was nothing more than an internet troll who had no adequate or actual logic or justification based on his claims. Some even described him as a crypto scammer whose words were of no worth.

To this Weiner stated that according to mainstream media reports, highlighting the one that reasoned as to why Wall Street had stopped to start Bitcoin products in the future. These statements though had no relevance on the comments that were made earlier by him on Bitcoins ability as an alternative global reserve.

Weiner, who is at present working as a software developer at Tao, has been involved in 6 altcoin projects which have proved to be complete failures. GamerHolicCoin, which was his last project garnered unfavorable reactions from the BitcoinCoinTalk people after its central node failed to accept connections.

Weiner was previously actively involved in Razorcoin, Dirac, NautilusCoin, PetroDollar, and Amcoin. All of the said projects were not capable of producing a sustainable product and concluded in utter failures. Even then he was not hesitant in giving his ideas for the growth of other industries. He is still very much active on Twitter and other social platforms. Now and then he keeps posting his adverse opinions over Bitcoin.

In one such criticism, where he gave reasons for his dislike towards the digital asset at Reddit, Weiner wanted an Ethereum type hard fork for Bitcoin too and went on to say that the core team did not have a specific voting mechanism.

Vishal Parmar

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