Solana (SOL) and Aptos (APT) March rally joined by DeeStream (DST) presale dominance as Bitcoin (BTC) halving approaches

With the halving event comes the rise of many altcoins, and despite the recent bull run, there is much room for growth after the halving occurs.

Solana (SOL) has seen a tremendous rise already this year, and holders will be looking to reinvest gains before the volatility of the market sweeps it away. 

Both Aptos (APT) and Solana (SOL) are turning in profits

Aptos is an independent layer one Blockchain that focuses on safety and scalability and uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Aptos (APT) has raked in a 40% profit in the last month, and its current price of $12.73 is about 9.68% above what it was the previous week. APT is expected to rise to $20 by the end of the year, and investors will be hoping it can break resistance at $15.

Solana (SOL) is experiencing an uptick in its value and has increased by 11% in the last week. SOL is chasing and closing in on $150, a resistance level it must break before rising to $200. SOL token sells for $145, and it looks likely to ride the momentum to greater heights.

Bitcoin (BTC) halving event to be held next month

Bitcoin is the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency. With a market cap of $1.36 trillion, Bitcoin (BTC) is miles ahead of its closest competitor, Ethereum (ETH).

When 210,000 new blocks are added to the Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain, a halving occurs that sees the rewards of miners reduced by half. This event drives the scarcity of the coin and leads to a rise in the price. Usually, it takes about four years for these 210,000 blocks to be opened, and the next halving is scheduled for April 2024.

DeeStream (DST) comes with a revolution

DeeStream is disrupting the way we interact with video content. DeeStream (DST) is pioneering a new approach to the industry by harnessing the power of Blockchain technology to provide the first fully decentralized streaming platform.

The eye-catching potential of DeeStream (DST) comes from its ability to make great use of its first-mover advantage in its ever-growing market. DeeStream has set itself up to rake in the profits. 

DST not only offers its investors a chance to make massive gains, but it also empowers them to contribute to the running of the platform. Presale token holders can guide the platform to more success by offering suggestions and voting for future developments. Presale token holders are also the first to access the platform and benefit from its features.

There are a total of 300 million DST tokens, and each one is available at a presale price of $0.046, meaning it is still very affordable. With these DST tokens selling out fast, the earlier you get in, the better.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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