Solana & Cosmos investors eye astounding 70x returns from DeeStream’s innovative stage 2 post-Bitcoin halving

If there’s one thing that is certain, it’s that predicting what the crypto market will do is beyond challenging. When the last Bitcoin halving occurred, most cryptocurrencies saw their prices soar. This time, things have been a little less impressive, with many coins losing significant ground, including Solana and Cosmos.

As a result, Solana and Cosmos investors are turning to DeeStream, eyeing the astounding 70X returns analysts expect from this decentralized video streaming platform. After all, how can it go wrong when it has a clear purpose and broad appeal? Especially since it will do things right, unlike other legacy video platforms.

Solana declines almost 14% month over month

Solana has long been a stalwart coin investors could count on. However, the last month has put a dampener on the situation as the cryptocurrency has seen a decline of almost 14%. Solana is currently trading at slightly over $153, down from over $178 from a month ago. It actually dropped to $124 on April 14, indicating that this decline may indeed be connected to the Bitcoin halving.

However, despite this recent blip, Solana is doing relatively well in the long term. It’s up 611% year over year, which is nothing to scoff at. And it’s certainly better than other cryptocurrencies that have seen declines. Or, if they have experienced gains, they were nothing to write home about. 

For the rest of this year, analysts predict Solana will traded within a range of $161 to $201, which is definitely not bad. However, some analysts are far more pessimistic and state that if the bearish trend continues, Solana could slide all the way down to $47.

Cosmos underperforms with a 20% drop month over month

Like Solana, Cosmos has dropped over the past month, going from $11.6 to $8.8, indicating a 20% decline. And just like Solana, it hit a low on April 14, except it was trading at $7.47. Once again, this could indicate that the Bitcoin halving contributed to Cosmos’ decline.

However, the annual chart shows that the Cosmos actually saw some gains in the months preceding the halving, only to start dropping a week or so before it actually took place. 

It’s important to note that this crypto has been quite volatile but mostly bearish over the past year. Thus, it is down a little over 19% yearly, dropping from $10.82 a year ago. Price predictions seem a little disconnected from reality as some analysts say they expect a range of $12 to $22, but considering it’s currently at $8.8, it will be interesting to see if it even gets to $12. 

DeeStream’s 70x potential returns draw in investors like moths to flame

While Solana’s long-term results are positive, Cosmos has disappointed at every turn. And neither of these two coins can boast the performance expected of DeeStream. The latter is a decentralized video streaming platform that will offer creators and viewers an environment geared towards serving their needs and not preaching what they should think.

DeeStream clearly understands the difference between a publisher and a platform, namely that a publisher can decide what they say, but a platform is there simply to serve as a gateway and nothing more. As an advocate for free speech, DeeStream is going to take the industry by storm, especially with the instant payouts, low fees, and very attractive revenue splits it offers.

Using an already proven business model but doing it right makes DeeStream incredibly attractive to investors. This is especially true when one considers that the platform is in stage 2 of presale and priced at $0.06. With 70x returns on the horizon, it’s not surprising that so many investors and users are entering the fray. 

To learn more about DeeStream’s presale, please check out the website here

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