BlockDAG’s technical whitepaper release & 30,000x ROI projection draws Dogecoin whales as presale crosses $13.4M amidst Solana’s price surge

As the digital currency horizon expands, the developments around Solana’s resilience, Dogecoin’s intriguing whale plays, and BlockDAG’s undebatable strides into new blockchain frontiers charm the crypto community. In between the market ebbs and flows, Solana’s price surge stands tall, and Dogecoin’s dynamics shift with whale movements as they flock to invest in BlockDAG’s successful presale, which has raised over $13.4 million. BlockDAG’s Technical Whitepaper V2 release has propelled BlockDAG’s presale to new heights as it heralds an innovative era in blockchain technology.

Solana price surge: Unveiling the catalysts behind the unexpected rise

Despite a general downturn in the crypto market, the Solana price surge stands out as a beacon of positive momentum, climbing to $190.98 after a recent 3% increase. This Solana price surge comes amidst widespread selling pressure, yet Solana’s market capitalization has also seen a significant 3% boost, reaching $84 billion.

Contributing to the surge in Solana’s price, whale transactions and heightened activity in Solana-based coins have played pivotal roles. Notably, whale accumulations involved transactions worth millions, and Solana’s network usage soared, with transaction fees hitting $69 million due to a surge in decentralized exchange volumes. Solana’s price surge, thus, not only defies the broader market trend but also highlights the growing investor confidence and network utilization driving Solana closer to its all-time high.

Crypto Whales

Dogecoin whales impact crypto waters

In a fascinating turn of events, Dogecoin whales have once again caught the crypto community’s attention, this time with a monumental transaction moving 134,827,084 DOGE (worth approximately $27.66 million) from Robinhood to an unknown wallet. This activity coincides with Dogecoin’s market capitalization dropping by 11.04% to $26.31 billion despite a surge in trading volume.

Furthermore, Dogecoin whales have been notably active, accumulating around 1.4 billion DOGE (valued at $280 million) amidst recent market volatility. This whale activity, coupled with the broader market’s liquidation trends and an increase in Dogecoin addresses holding over 1 million coins, suggests a nuanced landscape of investor behavior and market dynamics, with Dogecoin whales playing a pivotal role in shaping DOGE’s price trajectory.

Dogecoin whales impact crypto waters

BlockDAG: Layer 1 Blockchain with 30,000x ROI 

BlockDAG is revolutionizing the layer 1 blockchain landscape by shifting from traditional blockchain’s linear models to the innovative Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture. This strategic evolution elevates the layer 1 blockchain’s capabilities, enabling it to process thousands of transactions per second, significantly enhancing scalability while adhering to the core principles of decentralization.

As a leader in the layer 1 blockchain space, BlockDAG has demonstrated its potential by raising $13.4 million in its presale, selling over 4300 miners, and achieving remarkable progress, with each presale batch seeing a 50% price increase. Its commitment to environmental sustainability sets BlockDAG apart in addressing blockchain technology’s critical challenges.

With the release of the new Technical Whitepaper V2, BlockDAG reinforces its innovative stance with user-friendly smart contract functionalities and a community-driven approach, marking a new chapter for developers and the broader crypto ecosystem. 

Analysts are predicting a 30,000x ROI, underscoring the project’s lucrative prospects and reinforcing its groundbreaking contribution to the layer 1 blockchain sector. The BlockDAG team also celebrated its launch of the new whitepaper and its presale bul run with a massive display at the Las Vegas Sphere. BlockDAG promises to redefine the standards of blockchain technology with its DAG-centric solutions as it blends cutting-edge blockchain technology with real-world applications. 


BlockDAG distinguishes itself as the clear frontrunner when compared with Dogecoin and Solana. Its cutting-edge DAG technology not only promises an astonishing ROI but also sets a new standard in eco-conscious blockchain development. Coupled with its technical whitepaper release and 30,000x ROI projection, BlockDAG offers an unparalleled opportunity for those looking to invest in the future of blockchain.

BlockDAG Rises Las Vegas

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