SOL slows down as ETH unifies nicely with a bullish divergence

The recent price fluctuations, say in 7 days, can help understand a comparison between Solana’s SOL and Ethereum’s ETH. Needless to say, ETH’s token value is far higher than SOL’s; however, for the time being, the emphasis is on the rise or loss in value. SOL’s exchange value has dropped by 10.26%. Meanwhile, ETH has increased by 5.06%.

Amidst SOL’s struggles to hold onto the $171.19 level, ETH is currently trading at $3,517.73.  All the figures of SOL and ETH are true at the time of writing this article. SOL and ETH have gathered some attention because Ether is looking at a potential bull run, but SOL is looking at a slower pace.

Michaël van de Poppe on Solana and Ethereum

Michaël van de Poppe may not have spoken against SOL, but he has stated that any time when Solana experiences congestion, the value of Ether rises to serve a good cause to its native ecosystem. Members have looked at it from the perspective that the congestion is likely because of higher usage than Ethereum. That is something the network is able to achieve once more.

According to Michaël van de Poppe, Ether is bringing a bullish divergence to hint at the fact that they are closer to the low or the lowest value on the graph shortly. According to his posts on X, his interest is more in accumulation activity when the value is dipping downward.

It is important to note that posts by Michaël van de Poppe attempt to bring possibilities into the limelight. Congestion on Solana may have some effect on Ether but not on a drastic level, for a collection of factors come into play for volatility and fluctuations.

Solana versus Ethereum – Investment Advice

The best course of action for investors in Solana, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency is to conduct due diligence and allocate capital in accordance with their unique risk tolerance. Since ETH is more likely to return to the top, it is safe to presume that it is the unambiguous winner for the purposes of this article. It nearly missed the ATH of $4,878 by reaching its high of $4,070 lately.

ETH has retraced to ~$3,500’; however, it is poised to be the first one to be affected after Bitcoin Halving – with BTC still on the top of the list. ETH price prediction estimates the token to surpass the milestone of $4,000 by the end of April 2024.

SOL does come with the benefit of being economical, but constant reports about congestion bring the network to rest. Nevertheless, there are positive sentiments within the ecosystem to back the SOL price prediction which puts on the table an estimate of a higher value.

Future outlook of Solana and Ethereum

Over time, it is anticipated that Ethereum and Solana, two native tokens, will both move up the ladder and gain more value on the exchange. Estimates are bullish, but the pace varies, with ETH emerging as the obvious winner in that regard. It might take more time for SOL to appear in the portfolio as ideal holding material. The high price of ETH makes it prohibitively expensive for new traders, and the risk is also increased.

A lot relies on how the trading community accumulates. ETH and SOL both have their positives and negatives; however, ETH comes stronger and has a higher chance of fetching profits.

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