Solana announces developments at Breakpoint 2023

Solana has made two major announcements at Breakpoint 2023. One of them is Solana data going live on Google Cloud BigQuery, and another is the availability of a node development blueprint on AWS. While the announcement about BigQuery builds on what was shared at Breakpoint 2022, the AWS-related development comes only in the recent edition of the event.

To start with the association between the Solana Foundation and Google, the former is leveraging the services of BigQuery to provide insights to its users on a larger scale. Google is known to feature a serverless data warehouse, which is also backed by the capability of being cost-effective. What makes it stronger in the industry are the mechanics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence.

Dan Albert, the Executive Director of the Solana Foundation, has echoed the advantages of working with Google. Dan has said that the collaboration with Google helps them make the network more transparent, accessible, and open. Dan has also expressed pride in this partnership and acknowledged that it aligns with the rising growth of the Solana ecosystem, which is happening at a rapid pace.

It follows similar developments wherein Solana has bagged institutional associations. This includes the approval of Solana Pay and Shopify application integration and the announcement by Visa for an expanded stablecoin pilot for Solana.

Having said that, Floor is now making waves in the industry as a multi-chain NFT marketplace. Floor leverages the potential of BigQuery to analyze the selling perspective of Solana NFTs on their platform. Chris Maddern, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Floor has acknowledged this development and said a lot of it is to work on the issue of the availability of data.

The second announcement made at Breakpoint 2023, a crypto conference, is related to data availability on AWS. It enables enterprises to build on the network by conveniently deploying RPC nodes and consensus. The amount of technological effort now required is at a minimum. Developers can easily connect their dApps to the blockchain. Other crypto conferences that one can look forward to learning about innovative ideas are ITC Vegas 2023, World Blockchain Expo, and Enter The Metaverse London, among many others.

Dan Albert has called this development a major step forward for the ecosystem of Solana, adding that the required expertise has now dropped significantly to allow everyone to deploy their projects on the network.

A few commands are now required for the deployment of Solana. These are:

  • Base RPC nodes
  • Consensus nodes
  • Extended RPC nodes

The only blockchains that Blockchain Node Runner supports are Ethereum and Solana, with the latter just recently joining the short list.

The effects of the announcements are evident in the trading value of the native Solana token. SOL was last seen exchanging hands at $38.09, for an increase of approximately 5.54% in the last 24 hours. This is also an increase of 22.02% in the last 7 days or one week.

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