Solana Foundation adds Solana Actions and Blinks to developer tools

The Solana Foundation has released Solana Actions and blockchain links (blinks) as a component of its developer tools, thereby enabling the integration of blockchain transactions into all platforms. For the uninitiated, the Solana Foundation is a non-profit entity created exclusively to promote the acceptance of the Solana network, as well as its decentralization and safety aspects. 

Solana Actions enables users to implement on-chain transactions across multiple platforms, such as websites, social media, and real-world QR codes. Developers can utilize Solana Actions to integrate all of their tasks into the Solana ecosystem and integrate them into their applications. 

Solana Blinks transforms every action into an exchangeable link, paving the way for every website displaying a URL to initiate a Solana-based transaction. Consequently, blinks make decentralized apps more approachable and user-friendly by turning websites or social media platforms into a surface for on-chain transactions without redirecting users elsewhere.

Solana Foundation’s Head of Ecosystem Engineering, Jon Wong, claims that decentralized applications (dApps) and wallet-oriented solutions have always been the ones to handle blockchain protocol communication. Every online platform can transform into an allocation area for on-chain exchanges with a few simple blinks and actions on Solana. In his view, everyone will have easy access to all of these resources.

For Solana, it is a blockchain that has been developed with the intention of achieving widespread acceptance. It is a network that has enormous potential and is utilized for a variety of applications, including finance, NFTs, remittances, and gaming. Additionally, Solana is open, interoperable, and decentralized, functioning as a single-state machine.


The Solana Foundation is a non-profit initiative operating in Zug, Switzerland. It is meant for decentralization, acceptance, and safety aspects related to the Solana network. 

Harsh Chauhan

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