Solana introduces Solana Saga Phone 2, a cost-effective upgrade

Solana has released the second iteration of the Solan Mobile, a novel venture in the domains of technology and cryptocurrencies. Compared to its predecessor, it is essentially a redesigned and modernized product, with its pricing and the Solan cryptocurrency ecosystem serving as defining characteristics.

It is anticipated that Solana Saga Phone: Chapter 2 will be available for purchase in 2025, with advance orders costing a mere $450. This device weighs significantly less than its predecessor, which was delivered in April 2023.

The second version features an analogous integration with the Solana ecosystem and offers several equivalent functionalities, albeit at a reduced cost. The limited duration of the preorder offer, as stated by Solana Labs, will encourage purchasers to direct their focus towards it. Furthermore, the evaluation of the device’s adoption will be facilitated by this exercise for the company.

The degree of attention Chapter 2 receives throughout the preorder phase will determine its fate. The official website indicates that Solana Mobile may reassess progress with the project if the level of demand fails to meet their expectations. Those who made deposits would be refunded under such circumstances, safeguarding early supporters’ interests and preventing any losses.

Due to the anticipation surrounding possible airdrops and the triumph of the initial Saga phone, preorders for Chapter 2 are progressing rapidly. Solana Mobile is enthusiastic about the initial reception of the 100,000-device sales target it has set for itself by the first half of 2025.


The Solana Saga Phone 2 features an enticing blend of mobile-related technology and cryptocurrency-related elements, appealing to both technology enthusiasts and those interested in cryptocurrencies. By adhering to stringent technological regulations and maintaining competitive pricing, the organization is striving to develop a product that is certain to achieve market success.

Trevor Holman

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