Solana is dead, long live BudBlockz!

Blockchain-based projects come and go. Even the most effective and dedicated development teams cannot account for every movement in the market. 

As a result, projects can fall in popularity, and their native cryptocurrencies can see a significant decrease due to this. 

However, in their place, other competing projects will typically come and can even surpass their success level. 

Solana is dead, and BudBlockz has the potential to replace it in terms of market appeal and value, so let’s go over why.

Solana’s Downfall

With the unfortunate developments that occurred due to the fall and collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, numerous cryptocurrencies collapsed in value. 

However, one of the projects that took the most significant hit was Solana, and its native cryptocurrency, $SOL. From around $38 in November to around $13 in December of 2022, $SOL has dipped in value by over 65%.

Based on this, it is clear that Solana is dying as a project and might even already be dead in the water. 

Those that had invested in the $SOL token to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios are now looking for an alternative token that can give them the desired growth and future growth potential. One of the hottest projects that aim to achieve this goal is BudBlockz. 

BudBlockz and its Rise to the Top

BudBlockz can reach the top in terms of value due to different reasons. For one, the $BLUNT token is trading at a value of around $0.04, which makes the barrier of entry extremely low. It allows everyone to join a solid community of cannabis enthusiasts.

Additionally, the project is a completely new concept, which aims to provide an ecosystem and a comfortable way to interact with the cannabis market.

BudBlockz achieves this by implementing a solution to the closed cannabis markets. Many corporations have historically faced logistics, fundraising, and data management issues.

However, with the e-commerce platform BudBlockz has built and its native $BLUNT cryptocurrency, anyone can gain access to this asset class. From farms and dispensaries to CBD manufacturers, token holders can access fractionalized ownership.

An NFT marketplace can also promote transparency, permissionless participation, robust security, and mainstream appeal. 

BudBlockz, as a project, also aims to push things further by introducing the Ganja Guruz NFT Collection and the BudBlockz arcade, which will feature retro-inspired games.

Why do Investors want To Get $BLUNT?

For investors who have historically wanted to be a part of the ever-growing cannabis industry and have had difficulties entering it due to various blockades proposed by traditional means, blockchain technology introduces a robust solution. 

BudBlockz is tapping into this underdeveloped market to allow these investors to be a part of the projected $176.5 billion global market cap industry in the next decade.

As the industry grows and more companies and corporations become a part of the BudBlockz ecosystem, the value of the $BLUNT token will also grow, and investors will be able to utilize their holdings for fractionalized ownership, creating an ever-growing ecosystem. 

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:-

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