Solana is on everyone’s hit list alongside Bitcoin Spark

Amid the cryptocurrency bear market, Solana, a young blockchain network, is creating massive traction for retail and large-scale investors. You might wonder why, but the reason is based on the ecosystem’s improved scalability and transaction per second. The layer-1 protocol bounced back from a stumble after being linked to the bankrupt crypto exchange, FTX. Bitcoin Spark, dubbed cutting-edge crypto, has already generated traction among crypto enthusiasts globally, displaying massive potential to outshine Solana.

Solana price prediction

Solana’s price has dipped due to the prevalent bearish market in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Nonetheless, digital currency experts believe the third generational platform will surge during the imminent bullish market. Solana has captured a broad audience in the crypto ecosystem for its scalability and fast transactions. According to Google searches, Solana is named the third leading cryptocurrency in the world. 

State of Bitcoin Spark: Attracting global investors

The decentralized ecosystem had massive drawdowns in 2022 after the fall of various cryptocurrency platforms, such as FTX and Voyager. Digital networks such as Bitcoin plummeted during the 4th quarter of last year. Unlike Bitcoin, Bitcoin Spark is considered the savior of the ledger ecosystem as it offers divergent ways of generating income for clients in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. 

The platform utilizes a state-of-the-art consensus mechanism known as proof-of-process (integration of PoW and PoS) and a scientific algorithmic system that inhibits centralization. The project leaders (Dylan Asford and Steven Kurtz) connect deeply with decentralized finance and believe in the futuristic rise of the platform. Bitcoin Spark has its native currency (BTCS) that is utilized for conducting transactions in the community. BTCS also rewards clients for partaking in the platform’s development.

Bitcoin Spark App

According to the platform’s whitepaper, the total supply of BTCS is 21 million, which will be allocated to mining rewards, the imminent public ICO, team rewards, liquidity, and exchanges. Like other crypto startups, Bitcoin Spark has an initial coin offering (ICO), with its first phase set to commence on August 1st. In addition, clients will receive a 20% bonus as they participate in this phase (1). Those who purchase BTCS tokens during this initial phase will gain 800% profit during the launch period of the project scheduled for November 30th. 

Bitcoin Spark plans to diversify revenue sources in the ecosystem to attract and motivate clients. Provisioning unused sections of its website and application for advertisements is another tactic for income generation. Clients with BTCS have voting power to remove an advert for offenses such as non-conformity to conditionals and hate speech.

Bottom line

From time to time, the crypto space experiences developments regarding incoming projects. Solana is among the projects that lured investors to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. The platform can perform more than 1000 transactions per second, decreasing the transactional cost for purchases in the Solana ecosystem. Bitcoin Spark, the new entrant platform, will create traction for crypto experts and newbies. This is because of its special algorithm that promotes the linear distribution of rewards. 

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