Solana Mobile Saga and Helium Mobile Collaborate to Revolutionize Network Plans

Solana Mobile Saga and Helium Mobile have joined hands to improve the consumer experience. Mobile Saga is out on the market, and over 20,000 pieces are being held by customers. Helium is currently running a plan that gives unlimited plans for just $20 a month. That is a competitive deal with customers in store for a lot more if they help in mapping and providing hotspots.

Helium Mobile works with a customer-centric approach by leveraging a people-built network. This helps to bring down the cost and reward MOBILE tokens to customers who help the network identify where they are being or have been used. Simply put, customers are rewarded by Helium Mobile for contributing, no matter the size of it. The mobile carrier and network have merged in an effort to provide superior customer service. It has been defined as a crypto web3 match that has been made in heaven.

Saga Mobile is making waves for the kind of innovation that it has introduced to the market. In fact, it is now being teased to break the duopoly in the app store market. So far, Android and iOS are ruling the market with no other player in sight. Customers can use a list of dApps in a store that Saga Mobile has created.

All the apps are crypto-incentivized. It gives developers a streamlined platform to reach the target audience faster. For instance, dApp developers who want to reach out to those who seek crypto rewards can directly head over to Solana Mobile Saga.

Similarly, users with crypto with them and who want to make the best use of it can have Saga Mobile in their hands.

This concentrated distribution channel and dedicated user base have encouraged the Solana Foundation to launch a $10 million grant program. Funds from the program will be utilized to help build a brighter future for mobile dApps.

What makes Helium Mobile stand out in the market is its model of being powered by token-rewarded node operators. More than 7,500 active radios support it, which operates on the Helium 5G network. The network is still growing across the US with the assistance of $MOBILE tokens.

The development has done well for the token, for it has jumped by 88.35% in the last 24 hours, now exchanging hands at $0.007491. Notably, it is an increase of 901.99% in the previous 7 days and 2582.99% in the last 30 days.

Customers can earn the said reward simply by verifying their Helium 5G network, also known as mapping. It is an opt-in program that can be accessed on Helium mobile plans. Customers who hold the native token will eventually gain access to protocol governance through the sub-DAO.


Just a couple of days ago, Helium Network announced the $20 plan. In this case, the objective is to offer unlimited voice, data, and text to users at a minimal price, $20 a month.

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