Solana tackles congestion with Anza and Jupiter DEX fixes

Solana is facing a serious problem of network clogging due to innumerable instances of transaction delays and user inconvenience. There are also doubts about the platform’s upgradability potential. Solana is known for its high output and low latency.

To better understand the reasons behind the clogging, the focus moves toward Anza Network’s authenticator customer execution, especially the Agave protocol. At a time when the issues related to the clogging are being looked into, Anza is aggressively trying to address the situation and rectify it as soon as possible.

Regarding this, Anza intends to release the phases of updates in the week ahead. The aim is to address the present problem and ensure it does not repeat in the future.

In the meantime, Jupiter DEX is engaged in solving spam bot threats. To achieve success, the exchange has initiated strict action to protect user interest regarding transaction drawbacks.

Amongst all the issues related to the clogging, the focus is on Anza Network’s authenticator customer execution, especially the Agave protocol, which is now a clog in Solana’s strong mechanism. Anza will not rest easily until all matters are effectively resolved. In the case of Jupiter DEX, it has its own battle to fight against spam bot threats. Jupiter DEX, a prime decentralized exchange running in the Solana ecosystem, functions in tandem with Anza.

The exchange is beginning to get to the root cause of the problem by seeking feedback and involving the community to gain further knowledge on better troubleshooting processes.

In the coming days, Jupiter DEX intends to carry out certain scaling and improvements involving the clogging factors to improve user exposure on the Solan blockchain.

Understanding the sheer potential of community feedback, Jupiter DEX has reached out to users through Discord to address all relevant issues adequately.

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