Solana, Tron, and Bitcoin Spark – The best cryptos to buy before the bull run

One of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are lucrative investment deals for individuals and investors is because they tend to have high returns on investment. These assets are highly volatile, and their prices fluctuate significantly. During the bull market, most digital asset prices surge as investor sentiment shifts to bullish. These periods are associated with greed, as retail and institutional investors flock to benefit from the rising prices. 

For this reason, buying digital assets at low prices is essential. The current market is recovering from a bear market, and digital assets are available for investors at a bargain. Solana, Tron, and Bitcoin Spark are among the best projects to invest in before the bull cycle begins.

What are the best crypto projects to buy now?

It is impossible to accurately predict and call the market with a list of crypto projects to make headlines with new highs. However, historical data from past market cycles indicates that utility tokens that solve limitations in the DeFi ecosystem are the best bets to buy just before a bull market begins. Solana and Tron are utility tokens likely to reward long-term investors and holders with capital gains. The projects provide suitable Web3 platforms that have revolutionized the entire blockchain scope by supporting upcoming projects, smart contracts, and NFTs. However, Bitcoin Spark is the best crypto project to buy now. Here is why.

Why is Bitcoin Spark unique?

The Web3 ecosystem faces the inauguration of new digital platforms frequently. However, only utility tokens like Solana, Tron, and now Bitcoin Spark make it to mainstream adoption. Unlike Solana and Tron, which offer smart contracting platforms as alternatives to Ethereum, Bitcoin Spark is a Bitcoin hard fork. The new entrant’s functionalities and utilities make it a more desirable project than Solana and Tron. 

Newer projects reward investors significantly due to a smaller but growing market capitalization. Bitcoin Spark’s market capitalization will most likely move in double or triple figures as the imminent bull market commences, rewarding early adopters significantly with capital gains. Bitcoin Spark is the only Web3 platform to amalgamate proof-of-work and proof-of-stake to form a unique consensus mechanism called proof-of-process. 

The proof-of-process consensus mechanism values proof-of-work more, with miners getting more rewards than stakers for “working” on the network. However, the earning mechanism is controlled by an algorithm that rewards miners according to the magnitude of the work done, but not in a way that creates an unbalanced ecosystem. 

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Proof-of-process work will involve a different form of mining as the ideal network validation method. Unlike Bitcoin, whose transactions are approved by miners competing to solve complex mathematical equations, Bitcoin Spark’s equations are simpler and more straightforward and, therefore, more accessible to mine. 

Miners are rewarded in BTCS tokens for approving transactions and verifying new blocks. Since mining BTCS requires less energy, the process will be executed using simple electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. The Bitcoin Spark team is developing software applications supported by different operating systems to facilitate the mining process. 

These operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Linux, will power the software solutions, ensuring the mining process happens efficiently in the background without interfering with the standard use cases of the device. This is a massive advantage since users will not incur extra costs to buy mining devices specifically designed to mine digital assets, as is the case with mining in the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Spark is in its twilight stages of development, and a presale exists, selling ERC-20 BTCS tokens that will later be bridgeable on the Bitcoin Spark network upon mainnet release. Each BTCS token is available at a cheap and affordable price of $2.75 and accompanies an 8% bonus eligible for all transactions of all sizes. 

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