What will be 2024’s Solana? Is new meme crypto set for 2350% rally?

The crypto markets entered 2024 in a volatile state across the board. Many existing cryptos are expected to keep gaining value moving forward, and Solana is one of the platforms with the highest growth potential. According to some experts, SOL tokens could see a surge of up to 50x, similar to Ethereum’s gains in 2018.

Solana has closed 2023 in a positive light, signaling that it could continue gaining ground in 2024. However, it’s still facing some obstacles that could push the price rally back into a downturn. So, let’s see what you can expect from Solana and why investing in the new SPONGE token, SPONGEV2, is a better way to go.

Solana Could Repeat Ethereum’s Historical 50x Gains From 2018

The optimism surrounding Solana has been growing steadily throughout 2023, and the SOL token has been showing clear signs of growth in early 2024. The expectations for the platforms are high, and many token holders agree that SOL could mirror the massive gains of ETH back in 2018.

According to some analysts, Solana could surge by up to 50x in 2024. However, others expect a doubling of value at best, so looking at the broader picture is essential before investing money. Solana is currently ranked as the fifth cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $53 billion. The token is selling for $94.28 but is entering a bullish phase that could see the value double by the end of the month.

The most optimistic predictions put the token at around $900 by the end of the year, but there is no way to know if that is true. If SOL tokens match their previous all-time high from back in 2021, the platform would have a market cap of over $75 billion. Moreover, it would need a market cap of over $111 billion to raise above the $260 ATH, which seems like a long shot, considering that Solana would need an influx of over $65 billion in less than 12 months. 

While Solana may have a shot at the moon in upcoming months, it’s still a long shot. The growth may be hindered by rising inflation, and even if it’s not, the platform needs an influx of over $60 billion to reach the previous ATH. Adding some SOL to your portfolio now is a gamble that could turn into a significant profit, but if you want to invest in a high-growth potential crypto that will almost certainly result in 100x gains, you should look no further than the new version of 2023’s most popular meme coin – SPONGEV2

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SPONGEV2 – Another Shot at 100x Gains for All Who Missed $SPONGE

The 2023 meme coin markets were on fire, and numerous platforms reported massive gains. That includes tokens such as PEPE, COPIUM, and, of course, $SPONGE, an entertainment-only crypto that reported 2,500% gains. However, while $SPONGE became a popular investment option, the lack of token utilization and poor long-term growth potential made the token lose most of its value a few weeks after making huge gains.


If you missed your chance to capitalize on this meme coin, you will love what SPONGEV2 offers. It’s an upgraded version of the original token with excellent token utilization and a chance to establish itself as one of the meme coin leaders. The Spongebob Token community has over 30,000 members, making the release of the improved token version a success. However, getting your hands on SPONGEV2 is more complex than you might think, as there are no presale events. 

The only way to obtain new tokens is to invest in $SPONGEV1 and stake them for a more extended period, after which you’ll get SPONGEV2 in return. The new version offers tremendous potential and a high APY of at least 40% over the course of the next four years. 

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SPONGEV2 Upgrades and the Stake-to-Bridge Token Allocation System

Apart from offering higher token utilization, the upgraded version of the SPONGE token offers high APY for all and significant growth potential in the long run. SPONGEV2 are ERC-20 coins built on the Ethereum blockchain like the original token. They are, therefore, highly compatible with all existing wallets, but there’s a catch.

SPONGEV2 is utilized as the native token for a new Spongebob-inspired Play-2-Earn game that will go live in the near future. The token will be used as a payment method and reward option in the game ecosystem, ensuring high utilization and stable price increases in the future.


The only way to obtain SPONGEV2 coins is to buy original $SPONGE tokens and stake them until the updated version is released. All holders who stake their coins will receive the same amount of SPONGEV2, plus another 40%. Moreover, if you keep your tokens staked for longer, you can get higher returns over the next four years. The platform’s Stake-to-Bridge reward system ensures that only token holders get the rewards, allowing you another chance to earn 100x returns. 

The original token has 11.500 holders, and the platform was only $1 million short of reaching a $100 million market cap. SPONGEV2 can repeat the massive gains of its predecessor, and since it has higher token utilization, it could actually surpass it, establishing itself as one of the highest gainers in 2024. 

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Wrapping Up 

2024 is gearing up to become one of the best years for cryptocurrency markets on record. Almost all altcoins are in an uptrend, and platforms such as Solana could finally break out and surpass previous all-time highs after years of stagnation. While SOL tokens are expected to make significant gains, their potential can’t even compare to the new version of $SPONGE, a meme coin that reported 2,500% gains last year. 


Investing in and staking $SPONGE tokens today can help you get a head start as a SPONGEV2 token holder, allowing you to earn the biggest profit once the new version goes live.

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