Solana’s Surge: Is $1000 SOL on the Horizon?

As a meaningful event representing a breakthrough in the crypto market space, Pantera Capital has now started negotiations to acquire a fraction of FTX Official’s unstacked SOL tokens. This first transaction includes purchasing a tranche worth $12.5 million from FTX, denominated in 1/20th of their holdings. SOL tokens in this situation have already been released from the contract that stakes them. 

FTX Official, Chapter 11 petitioner in the USA, November 2022, is said to have about 41.1 million SOL coins. Current to a closing price of Wednesday, these holdings are valued at an impressive $5.4 billion, which accounts for approximately 10% of the total SOL supply in circulation. That is what Pantera presented in his lecture.

The agreement covers 20 tranches, each of which should be held over four years up to the closing date. This is the buying process where Pantera Capital, with its investors and backers, is progressively increasing the company’s ownership up to 9.5% of the total SOL supply released from the staking contract in the future years.

This deal not only announces that the SOL token is being taken off the FTX Official list of assets but also indicates the optimistic circle of the SOL token. The cryptocurrency community pays close attention to this development since it might eventually affect the SOL market perception and its room for growth compared to the other crypto assets.

Besides this financial engagement, the Solana network is now poised for impressive infrastructural updates. In preparation for the event, Solana operates Jump Firedancer validator beta mainnet testing as a pretest for Jump Firedancer validator tests. 

These features are the precursors of Solana 2.0, concerning which the introduction of multiple validator clients is intensively anticipated. This new neurology establishes redundancy for the network by preventing the need for system reboots, which is an area that casts doubts on most blockchains.

According to the SOL price prediction, the unveiling of Solana 2.0 is welcomed with great optimism, as it depicts the growing step in the features and robustness of the blockchain. The coordinated operation of multiple validator clients will increase the network’s security gross.

Still, it can also be a door-breaker for expanding the usage of the SOL token. With these technological and financial achievements on the horizon, SOL sentiment ranges from positive, and graphics show that the asset might break the $1000 barrier in the future.

These investments and technology breaks highlight the cryptocurrency market’s complex nature and blockchain technology’s natural evolution. With the acquisition of the Solana network acceleration by Pantera Capital, which will integrate a lot of updates, the future of the SOL cryptocurrency looks hopeful, which shows trust in its ability to grow and the whole crypto investment world.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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