Solert Games and Avalanche partner for a subnet and Legends at War

Solert Games and Avalanche have joined hands for two main reasons: develop-deliver a customized subnet and debut a medieval-themed game titled Legends at War. Notably, both are linked with each other, making this partnership extremely crucial at every step. For starters, Solert Games is looking to leverage the near-instant finality of Avalanche via the Solert Subnet. It will be based on the Avalanche network and bring a lot of benefits.

Most of it includes multiverse incentives, private high-speed net configuration, and better support for players. While both are parts of the said partnership, it is only the game that enters the first phase, as the subnet counts as the foundational groundwork for everything that comes up in the future.

The subnet will be powered by the native token $LAW. The token is reportedly exchanging hands at $0.12 at the time of writing this article. Once launched, the game will offer an engaging experience to players and a robust technology stack to developers. They can further leverage the potential of the suite to upgrade the current settings or come up with something more enhanced for the gaming community.

Tools of the comprehensive suite have been battle tested. They will now be backed by the 15-year legacy of Solert Games.

Wojciech Kaszycki, the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Solert Games, has highlighted the benefit of the collaboration. They have stated that the partnership between Solert Games and Avalanche helps them unlock a new set of possibilities for developers and gamers alike. Wojciech has further stated that their mission is to create a gaming experience that no one offers in the industry. This is likely to be done by integrating the aspects of Web2 into Web3.

This marks a huge milestone for both; however, Avalanche could be the one to weigh it heavier. The blockchain-based venture was founded in 2020, making it comparatively young in the partnership. Ed Chang understands this and has, therefore, called it a humbling experience to partner with Solert Games, a studio that comes loaded with experience and expertise. The Head of Gaming at Ava Labs has expressed their confidence in the partnership. This is evident from the fact that they have quoted that the collaboration will see the integration of virtual and real-world economies for true & transparent ownership.

Avalanche has experience supporting over 500 applications on the network. It also secured billions of dollars in value with minimal impact on the climate. The smart contract platform boosts scalability and finalizes transactions in less than a second.

Ava Labs dedicatedly works with the objective of creating value in Web3. It is backed by Cornell Computer scientists and several Wall Street veterans, along with Web3 leaders.

Solert Games is a studio that has launched more than 160 games and has seen 20+ million downloads across the world. It has offices in Riga, New York, and Warsaw.

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