Solflip beta set to debut tomorrow after Solana delays launch

Solana has announced plans to finally launch its much-anticipated peer-to-peer coin-flipping mechanism, Solflip. It has been constructed on the Solana blockchain and was previously scheduled to go live on Sunday. The beta testing program is now scheduled to go live tomorrow with more than 50 participants on board.

The objective is to enable testers to investigate Solflip’s features and provide valuable feedback to the development team. This will facilitate them in shaping the future of the aforementioned segment. Solana has pledged to provide a transparent and secure environment. Even the smart contract has been implemented for this purpose.

Over 50 participants can now explore the P2P functionality of Solflip. They have been granted access to have a peek at the site and understand how it looks visually and how it has been designed. Needless to say, all of it is under supervision and subject to change based on the feedback provided by the testers.

Testers will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Solflip. They have, therefore, been chosen with utmost caution after applications were received from them for being a part of the beta testing program of Solflip.

Invitations were sent out two days ago, asking enthusiasts to consider applying for the 50 spots available. All the final testers now have access to the platform’s beta version and limited SOL tokens. This will enable them to explore without spending a single token from their own pockets. Making things interesting is the fact that Solana has allowed them to keep the winnings that arise from Solana gambling during the beta phase. The native token of the ecosystem was last seen exchanging hands for $15.97. So, rolling out complimentary tokens to the participants accumulates into a larger investment that Solana looks forward to yielding profitable results.

Solana Blockchain is an ideal partner for the launch. It offers minimal transaction fees and near-instant confirmations. In addition, the gambling experience hosted by Solana Blockchain is quite seamless and secure. The user interface has been regarded as intuitive prior to the release of the beta version. It is made accessible to all participants, regardless of experience or expertise.

Assuming Solflip actually does wonders and the final product goes live, investors and enthusiasts can expect to have an immersive experience in crypto gambling. All of it will be under the umbrella of security and transparency, further covered by a lower transaction cost.

As for SOL, the native token of Solana, it has a bright future with a price likely to cross the $15 mark in the next year. There is no declining trend for SOL in the short term; however, it is still recommended to play it safe since the crypto market is highly volatile.

The beta version of Solflip goes live tomorrow at the time of writing this article. Testers must explore and use the functionalities of the P2P platform to help better shape its future and the final product.

Roxanne Williams

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