SolMail announces a partnership with SolCard

SolMail has announced that it will join hands with SolCard, calling it a strategic partnership aiming to bring novelty experiences to users on both sides. SolMail, in the announcement, said that this is just the beginning, potentially hinting that more details about their partnership will be revealed in the future and that SolMail will continue to expand its ecosystem.

SolCard has confirmed the development by reposting the announcement on its X profile. SolCard has called it a meaningful step, adding that it will enable them to bring a more decentralized and on-chain SolCard experience to users.

Both communities have expressed their excitement about the development, saying that they are looking forward to the new experience that it brings to the table.

The development for SolMail comes after it took to X to share the news that its public alpha was live. Beta could go live soon, providing the users of SolMail with a new list of features and integrations. While any supported wallet can be leveraged for a seamless experience, SolMail highlighted that it is better for now to stick to Phantom and Backpack.

SolMail recently signaled that it aims to compete with Gmail. It had shared a meme to convey the same message. Needless to say, the community and the supporters were too positive about it and expressed their desire to back SolMail’s intentions.

Moving forward, there is a possibility that SolCard could come up with a Contactless Payment feature. It had conducted a vote and sought members to share what they wanted next. The majority of them sided with having contactless payment, followed by Holders’ Cashback and Referral System.

SolCard has announced a partnership with SolMail only days after reaching its 20-day milestone. SolCard commemorated the occasion by reporting that it has processed over $590,000 and issued over 2,300 cards to customers.

It came against the backdrop wherein SolMail clarified that it is going to compete with GMail mostly because it boosts privacy, while Gmail is a corporation fetching profits for itself by serving users. SolMail has predicted that there will be a time when users realize their power and start ignoring traditional email providers. Instead, take the road that leads them to SolMail.

The list of strategic partnerships also includes SolSnap. It dates back to March 30, 2024, highlighting the commitment to push decentralization a step forward with their partners on Solana. More details about the partnership with SolSnap are expected to be rolled out soon. Many members said that they were happy since they own SNAP and MAIL in their wallets.

That said, MAIL is listed at $0.03865 at the time of writing this article. SolMail and SolCard joining hands paint a brighter picture for their users. This means that SolMail is expanding the ecosystem while SolCard is gaining a new partner to provide a better and more seamless user experience.

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