Solve.Care’s NFT Collection Launched to Support Ukraine

It has been nearly two months since the war between the two Eastern European countries began. The fights and blood have tarnished the vibrant style of the historic cities and left millions of people homeless. Many have volunteered on and off the field to help those struggling people from the war-torn cities of Ukraine. Notably, the blockchain industry has extended and is still extending its support towards humanitarian activities in Ukraine.

Now, a new NFT collection was launched by the healthcare firm Solve.Care to support the efforts to save people from their struggles as they are uprooted from their homelands. The collection of artworks is done by Ukrainian children who took refuge in the Care Shelters set up in Western Ukraine. These artworks emphasising hope and support were initially sent to the soldiers on the war front to keep their spirits up. Now, they are converted into NFTs to raise funds for the Care Shelters to help those fleeing the war.

The buyers will unlock a special voice vote from the child who created it with every purchase. The voice notes will explain the artwork’s experience, journey, and meaning. The funds from this NFT collection will go straight to the shelters to ensure the individuals, families, and children staying there are provided for. All donations raised here will be reinvested in the Care Shelters to guarantee that they can continue to offer essentials to displaced persons and families. Each child and their family will be notified of the effect of their works of art.

Solve.Care is one of the several organizations working in Ukraine with the local authorities and volunteers. They assist women, children, and displaced families in finding refuge in nearby shelters. The Solve.Care camps are known as Care shelters, and they provide food, clothing, bed, hygiene products, and other necessities for the affected people. The team brings supplies from nearby countries like Hungary, Romania, and Poland. The blockchain firm uses methods like NFT sales to fund its humanitarian operation for displaced people.

The blockchain technology firm was established to bring new approaches to accessing healthcare systems for the world’s residents. The network was launched in 2017 when the firm acquired an IT company called UKRSOFT. The company had 17 years of experience in the IT industry which helped Solve.Care with the research and development of many healthcare maintenance enterprises in Asia, Europe, and North America. The network has a native utility token called SOLVE, which helps with various healthcare benefits offered by Solve.Care.

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