SOMESING collaborates with DWF Labs

SOMESING, the first-ever blockchain-oriented Sing Platform, has inked an exclusive association with DWF Labs. On its part, DWF Labs is an absolute top-of-the-line international Web3 investor. The concerned industry is recognizing this as a landmark happening. 

The addition in the capital takes part of an added investment from DWF Labs, furthering the benefits gained from the investment made in 2022. The association will witness the creation of Singverse, which will bring about the inclusion of various persons related to the musical space globally. SOMESING will continue to execute an all-inclusive international localization system to establish its position at a global level. 

In the case of DWF Labs, it is an internationally acclaimed digital asset maker and multi-level Web3 investment company. It is known to be one of the players with extremely large volumes of cryptocurrency trading in spot and off-shoot markets dealing with more than twenty prime exchanges.

Using it’s expanding international networks and resources, DWF Labs is focused on encouraging the overall growth of the SOMESING ecosystem and boosting the company in making a mark for itself. 

The SOMESING platform is a vibrant arena that allows international users to sing the tunes of their choosing and enjoy connecting with high-level recordings from other connected users, all of it being free of cost. The highlighting feature of the platform is its token economy, which comes with every kind of surety related to clarity and unbiased rewards targeting the content builders via the uninterrupted running of smart contracts attached to the blockchain network.  

According to an executive of SOMESING, with the help of the funding received from DWF Labs, it will be possible for SOMESING to improve user exposure. This will become achievable via constant R&D on an international level. 

The company will develop a regional system for expanding its turf globally and creating Web3-oriented Singverse. Through the association formed with DWF Labs, the SSX token will be registered on added international CEX and DEX platforms in the form of a core segment of their plans to expand globally.

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