Somnia launches Betanet, ushering in a new era of interoperability in the Metaverse

Somnia, an L1 and a set of omnichain protocols has taken another step towards its goal of a connected metaverse with the recent launch of its protocol Betanet. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a new era in the metaverse, where experiences and assets can seamlessly move across different virtual environments.

Thanks to technology from MSquared and Improbable, Somnia is able to launch a high-quality Betanet on their protocol, while developing the highly scalable and affordable Somnia Blockchain.

Somnia’s omni-chain protocols, known as SOM0, are designed to connect the metaverse into a cohesive ecosystem, enabling unprecedented compatibility and interoperability. The Betanet will test these protocols, which consist of three key components: the Object protocol for creating virtual objects that can move through any metaversal experience, the Attestation protocol for streamlined validation, and the Marketplace protocol, which serves as a global liquidity layer for creators to sell digital assets.

“The metaverse is on the cusp of a major transformation, and Somnia is leading the charge with the launch of our Betanet”, Somnia CEO Paul Thomas said. “We’re excited to empower creators and users with the tools they need to bring their visions to life.”

Phase 1 of Somnia’s Betanet, running on the ETH Sepolia Testnet, allows users to bring their digital identities into the Somnia Protocol by creating personalized avatars through a collaboration with Avaturn. These avatars will be compatible with any world or experience built on Somnia, empowering users to attend massive MSquared events like the Twice listening party and MLB Virtual Ballpark.

In future phases, Somnia will collaborate with established NFT projects to give beloved collections a soul in the metaverse by rendering them as 3D avatars for use across interoperable experiences. This initiative will unlock new realms of utility and value for NFT collectors.

Later stages of the Betanet will grant users access to the Metaverse Browser, allowing them to explore the Somnia Ecosystem and the Playground, where they can create virtual spaces, socialize with friends, and import or create 3D objects. The following Testnet phase will introduce a prototype of Somnia’s blockchain, which will act as the foundation for the metaverse’s economy.

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About Somnia

Somnia is creating a virtual community using L1 blockchain technology and a suite of omnichain protocols that connect various chains. This will enable millions of users to access an open and unified metaverse, seamlessly moving between different experiences. Somnia’s platform encourages creators to create content that can be easily shared and combined by enhancing existing NFTs. Somnia was developed by the Virtual Society Foundation (VSF), a nonprofit organization initiated by MSquared and Improbable.

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