Somnium Space Launches Somnium 2.0 Supported By Ethereum Blockchain


Somnium Space, the leading platform offering customers an open, social, and persistent Virtual Reality world curated on Ethereum blockchain, has announced the news about the launch of a new update version named Somnium 2.0 to enhance the experience of the users. The new upgradation will allow the users to enjoy a true Ready Player One virtual experience in a never-seen-before manner. The new solution will officially launch on February 20, 2020, on all VR headsets.

According to the official reports, Somnium 2.0 has been designed to host all the players in a single interface, unlike other multiplayer VR gamers where players are categorized into sub servers and mirrored instanced rooms. The solution will be studded with new lucrative features such as persistent server architect and native NFT integration. These unique features help the creators to design and deploy the creations on the land owned by them. Somnium 2.0 will uplift the experience with features like enhanced graphics, full-body Avatars, along with support for Builder and Unity SDKs for creation and avatar importing.

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“We are putting a lot of effort into the immersive aspect of our VR world. Players are able not only explore creations of each other, but ultimately get lost in the vast territories of a truly alive world. You can start a business and instantly monetize your ideas, visit the planetarium or museum, touch the water, or go mountain hiking,” stated Artur Sychov, the founder CEO of Somnium Space.

Sychov bragged about the Somnium Space platform by highlighting the details about the VR world that is capable of giving the users a feeling of the real environment in the virtual world. He added that the revolutionary technological advancements used in the platform enrich the customers with a soul-stirring experience while encouraging them to generate an emotional connection with the creations done by themselves in their virtual world.

“All of that wakes up your body senses and brings an emotional connection to your creations or your friends to the next level,” quoted Sychov during an interaction.

By infusing the VR world with the excellence of the world’s leading blockchain network, Ethereum, the platform will facilitate tokenization of in-game asset holdings like land parcels, avatars, wearables, collectibles, etc. With the help of Somnium Cubes, the in-game native currency built on the Ethereum blockchain, aids the users to have ownership rights of their digital holdings. Somnium 2.0 allows one to put any NFT directly onto Somnium Land Parcels owned. These items can then be shared with users across the globe in real-time. One can monetize their creations instantly as the platform allows creation and tokenization of the items directly from the Somnium PC client.

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