Sonne Finance links up with the Chainlink BUILD program

In order to accelerate the expansion of its ecosystem, Sonne Finance has declared its official enrollment in the Chainlink BUILD program. Furthermore, with the assistance of technical support and Chainlink’s benchmark Oracle solutions, the objective is to enable on-chain borrowing and lending through improved connectivity.

Additionally, it also aims to promote the development of additional security measures for cryptocurrencies. Sonne Finance will be obligated to provide additional benefits and network fees to the Chainlink community, service providers, and stakeholders in exchange.

Sonne Finance, which is currently utilizing Chainlink Price Feeds, has had an inclination toward Chainlink for some time. The organization’s connectivity with BUILD will make integrating Chainlink easier. In addition to improved incentive synchronization between the Chainlink and Sonne Finance communities, they will also receive special support from the Chainlink ecosystem and enhanced connectivity with decentralized applications that require an EVM-adaptable lending and borrowing protocol.

Sonne Finance, an EVM-adaptive protocol for borrowing and lending, debuted on Optimism and subsequently spread to Base. The organization aims to establish itself as the preeminent liquidity provider for OP Stack chains and enable cross-chain lending capabilities. Their future objective is to develop an on-chain solution for collateralizing real estate.

Sonne Finance decided to join the Chainlink BUILD program to take advantage of the trustworthiness and safety of Chainlink’s Oracle framework. Sonne Finance will gain access to and be able to integrate with Chainlink CCIP and Automation, as well as gain early access to upcoming Chainlink product alpha and beta versions as part of the BUILD program.

Over time, Sonne Finance will reward Chainlink service providers, such as stakers, with 3% of its native token supply in exchange for their services.

As stated by Atakan Yelkovan, CEO and team Lead of Sonne Finance, BUILD will furnish the organization with the capability to establish connections with benchmark Oracle solutions, technical support, and a robust crypto-economic module, all of which will enhance the organization’s security measures.

Chainlink is the benchmark for the Web3 services platform and has been responsible for large volumes of transactions throughout DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and various other prime verticals.

In contrast, Sonne Finance operates as a decentralized lending protocol catering to both individuals and institutions, as well as protocols facilitating connections to financial services. The optimistic, permissionless, and open-source protocol is beneficial to Optimism consumers. Individuals are allowed to utilize their assets as collateral, deposit them, or borrow against them.

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